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An object is raised higher, an object falls to a lower height, and the mass of an object above Earth's surface changes.

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Q: Describe three situation in which the gravitational potential energy of an object change?
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How does the sum of Kinetic and gravitational Potential energy change?

The answer depends on the situation. For example, the sum of the kinetic and gravitational potential energy of an aircraft which is taking off will increase.

How do you think the potential energy will change if you change the length of the ramp?

Gravitational potential energy depends on the difference of height. If the length of the ramp is changed, but the endpoints have the same difference in height, there won't be any change in gravitational potential energy. If, on the other hand, the change is done in a way that the height does change, then gravitational potential energy will also change.

When does the amount of gravitational potential change?

When you go up or down.

What happens to the potential energy of an object if the mass is halved?

I assume you mean the gravitational potential energy. This is proportional to the mass, so if you change the mass by a factor of "a", the gravitational potential energy will change by the same factor of "a".

How much does your gravitational potential energy change when you jump as high as you can?

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Why is gravitational potential energy equal to kinetic ebergy?

Gravitational potential energy is not equal to kinetic energy:MGY doesn't always equal (1/2)mv2. This holds true in the CHANGE of gravitational potential energy being equal to the CHANGE in kinetic energy because of the Law of Conservation of Energy, Mass, and Charge.

Why when you push an object across a desk is the work done not equal to the change in gravitational potential energy?

The gravitational potential energy does not change if the desk is horizontal. The work done is in overcoming the friction between the object and the desk.

What is gravitational potential energy turned into when you r using car?

On a level surface, the gravitational potential energy will remain constant. If you start travelling down a hill then a proportion of the gravitational energy will change to kinetic energy. If you were to drive off a cliff, then all of the gravitational potential energy would convert into kinetic energy.

What happens to the gravitational energy of an object as it gets higher in a gravitational field?

-- If the velocity is horizontal, then gravitational potential energy doesn't change. -- If velocity is vertical and upward, gravitational potential energy increases at a rate proportional to the speed. -- If velocity is vertical and downward, gravitational potential energy decreases at a rate proportional to speed.

How can you change the gravitational potential energy of an object?

Put it on a higher shelf. Or a lower one.

How is voltage similar to gravitational potential energy?

It isn't. Voltage can be compared to the GRAVITATIONAL POTENTIAL, which is a concept that is related, but different from, gravitational potential energy.Voltage is the energy change PER UNIT CHARGE between two points. Gravitational potential is the energy PER UNIT MASS between two points.

Describe the energy change of a wind up toy car as it runs down a slope?

The mechanical energy is stored in the spring as potential energy within the pullback toy and when you release it, it gets converted into kinetic energy. Hence cycle is Mechanical --- Spring (Potential)--- Kinetic