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/a=0 c=0\

\b=0 /

/input a/

/input b/

/input c/

/a>b\ no /b>c\ yes /display b/ -> (a)

\ / \ /

yes no

/a>c\ no /display c/ -> (a)

\ /


/display a/

<- (a)


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Q: Determine the highest of the three input numbers using flowchart?
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How do you draw a flowchart to find maximum and minimum of given 3 input numbers?

You draw a flowchart to find maximum and minimum of given 3 input numbers by using all three numbers. You take the low, high and input the middle number between them. You can see the rise, or decline of the chart that way.

How do you draw a flowchart to get the sum of two numbers?

Start Input A Input B C=A+B Print C END

Give a sample problem with the use of algorithm and flowchart symbols?

design a flowchart that will input three numbers and get their sum. If the sum is greater than 20, then print "sum&gt;20",else print the sum.

Draw a flowchart that will determine and display the largest among the three numbers being inputted?

start input A &amp; B if A&gt;B print A is greatest if B&gt;A print B is greatest stop james ola writes.....SOT.

How do you make an input program that computer can determine the highest number?

Here it is in Java for 5 numbers: (adapt for your programming language) import java.util.Arrays Public class Highestnumber { public static void main (String args[]) { Scanner input = new Scanner( ); int numberofinputs = 5; //make an array to hold the numbers int numbers[] = new Int[numberofinputs]; for (x=0;x&lt;numberofinputs;x++) { System.out.print("Please input a number: "; numbers[x] = input.nextInt(); } //Sorts Numbers from least to greatest Arrays.sort(numbers[]); //gets highest number int highestnum = numbers[numberofinputs-1] //displays highest number System.out.println("The highest number is:" + highestnum); } }

How do you create a program that can input 100 names using flowchart?

create a program that can input 100 names

Draw a flowchart that will ask the user to enter 10 numbers and calculate the average?


Why is the interactive Visual Logic flowchart program more useful than a manually drawn flowchart?

A manual flowchart is static. The advantage of an interactive Visual Logic flowchart is that it allows users to input values for various variables at runtime. When the flowchart is finished, users can then run the program behind the chart.

What is Difference between document and data?

A document is the result of a process in a flowchart. Data can be used as an input and output in a flowchart. Also data is more specific(e.g. ordernumber) and a document is more an overview of data.

Draw the flowchart of getting the largest number among the three input number?

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Write the program with flowchart do not cheat?

You have start diagram follow by input diagram and output diagram, then exit diagram.

How do you prepare a flowchart for computing and printing simple interest?

start input p,n,r as float read si,ci as float