Diameter of cylinder

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for math

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Q: Diameter of cylinder
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If the height of a cylinder is 12m and holds 10000m3 what is the diameter?

The cylinder's diameter will be about 32.58m

How do you find diameter of a cylinder?

the width of the cylinder

Is the bore of a cylinder the circumference?

The bore of a cylinder describes is measurement, in millimeters or inches, of the inside diameter of the cylinder. The diameter is the width across.

How do you get the radius of a cylinder?

If you have a physical cylinder to measure, measure the "width" of the circle that is the cross section of the cylinder. That is the diameter, Half the diameter is the radius.

What is the formula to find the volume for cylinder by using diameter?

The diameter, alone, is not enough to find the volume of a cylinder. You need the height as well. > Where pi = 3.1416, and d = cylinder diameter cylinder volume = pi * (d/2)2 * length of cylinder

How to find out diameter of cylinder?

It depends what you know. The top of a cylinder is in the shape of a circle. So, to find the diameter of the cylinder (which is also the diameter of the circle), if you know the radius, just multiply it by two.

If diameter of a cylinder is 2 inches what is the diameter?

2 inches

What makes a cylinder a cylinder?

A cylinder has a diameter and a perpendicular height and cylindrical in shape.

What is a cylinder with equal height and diameter called?

Circumscribed cylinder

What is the volume of a cylinder that is 30mm in diameter and 700mm high?

The volume of a cylinder that is 30mm in diameter and 700mm high is 494,800.84mm3

What is the formula for a cylinder with a diameter of 75ft and a height of 66ft?

what is the formula for a cylinder with a diameter of 75 ft and a height of 66ft

How do you you find the thickness of the cylinder?

The thickness of a cylinder can be found by getting the difference btw the external diameter and the internal diameter.

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