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by there mathematical skills they made

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Q: Did Archimedes make the catapult
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When did Archimedes invent the catapult?

He didn't invent the catapult it was dionysius and he invented it in 399 B.C.

Why did Archimedes invent the catapult?

so i could use it later in world history

Who was the greek scientist that invented the catapult?

it should be Archimedes of Syracuse i might be mistaken though

Conqueror who invented the catapult?

The catapult was used in ancient Greek civilization, perhaps as early as the 4th century, B.C. It was used in siege warfare.

How do you make a catapult?

you make a catapult!

Greek scientist who discovered the principal of the lever and invented the double pulley and a catapult?

Archimedes is the Greek scientist who discovered the principle of the lever and invented the double pulley. He did not invent the catapult but he did improve it. He also discovered the when an object is place in fluid, the volume of the fluid that is displaced is equal to the volume of the object.

If you had to develop war machines like Archimedes what would you make and why?

I would develop a mast breaker and a catapult that can shoot fire balls because they would be most effective

Inventor of catapult?

The exact first person ever to construct a catapult is unknown, however, the first civilisation to use the catapult was Rome, who designed catapults as siege weapons to aid in the expansion of its empire. The catapult was later adopted by other nationalities whowarred against each other.

What did Archimedes create?

Archimedes made many things. He made (invented) the Archimedes screw which helps farmers with their irrigation. He also supposedly made Archimedes Death Ray (which is a myth) and Archimedes Claw which is said unrealistic by modern engineers.

How many people did it take to make a catapult?

The exact number of people it takes to make a medieval catapult. :-)

What was the date that Archimedes make the screw of Archimedes?

In the year 265 b.c

Did Archimedes make the pulley?