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Q: Did Ouchie win the million dollars in The Million Dollar Stike?
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How did the million dollar strike end?

ouchie waz the one wo got the winning number so he rolled but there wz one last pin standing but them pinhead came. He had a granade but them ouchies dad came and shouted earthquake cuz there waz one coming.the easrthquake knocked the last pin standing but theneveryone waz shouting leaving but mr.z waz still there ouchie and squishy came puchie said to give him the key to the wallet but once they got out the place fell.they foundthe wallet. They oprned itt it had a note from mr.z it waz major little wo waz pinhead.

What to do when a bumble be stings?

Put tobacco on it. i hope you didnt get stung, OUCHIE!

What are the release dates for Kureyon Shin-chan - 1992 At Least They Pay for the Ouchie 1-21?

Kureyon Shin-chan - 1992 At Least They Pay for the Ouchie 1-21 was released on: USA: 10 December 2007

What movie and television projects has Chris Ouchie been in?

Chris Ouchie has: Played Himself - Goonie in "Seffy D" in 2008. Played Walter Romero in "The Amateur Monster Movie" in 2011. Played Snowball in "Error Report" in 2011. Played Professor VanOuchie in "Friday Night Weekly" in 2013. Played Demitri in "The Wayward Sun" in 2013.

What actors and actresses appeared in Error Report - 2011?

The cast of Error Report - 2011 includes: Michael Denk as Yoga Instructor Chris Ouchie as Snowball

What are some of the slang words for ouchies?

"Ouchies" is a slang word. The proper word is either a wound, a bruise, or an injury. Another childish slang term similar to "ouchie" would be "boo-boo."

Why does air conditioner smell like vomit?

Ouchie! That must be awful. What I think you should do is that you should probably call someone who can help with that kind of thing. Sounds like you need it pretty bad. If the person you call can't help you, I suggest you go find someone who can.

How would you get a pee stain off your rabbits fur?

I've heard frequently that hydrogen peroxide (the ouchie stuff) works, but not 100% and the rabbit might still have some yellow tint to it. I've never tried this before but like i said, I've heard it a lot from bunny owners. my prefered method is letting the rabbit shed naturally, that's 100% lol.

When you get your tongue pierced is the hole supposed to rip?

Ripping of any piercing whether it be in your tongue or lip or where ever means that you have possibly played with it too much or you could have caught it on something. But when it comes to the tongue it's usually because you played with it too much. It's fine to play with it but too much or too rough can cause some pretty ouchie pain and not a very attactive looking tongue.

Can you use witch hazel on a cat?

i use it on my cats mixed with 40 percent alcohol my cats do not fight it and not even scared of it they almost look forward to having it if they have an ouchie it works fine even on kittens i would just keep it away from the eyes as far as licking it well i have not seen any problems with this they will clean that area but do not seem to be attracted to it right away its the liquid alcohol i would be worried about but its a small amount and it evaporates

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What actors and actresses appeared in The Wayward Sun - 2013?

The cast of The Wayward Sun - 2013 includes: Emma Bernhoft as Wren Ryan Dewerth as Dead Body Wassim Elhouar as Demitri Jon Elliott as Big Mexican Steve Golla as The Owl Chelo Guardiola as Little Mexican Russ Montney as Dad Chris Ouchie as Demitri Emily Pohl as Rika Bruce Spielbauer as The Cactus Alex Trapp as Radio DJ

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