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Q: Did the New York Colony have any animals?
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Where there any problems between the New Hampshire colony and the New York colony?

No, there was no problem between the Colony of New Hampshire and the colony of New York.

What social class were the people of colony of the New York?

There weren't any social classes in the new york colony!!!

Did the New York colony have any lakes?


Was there any government in the New York colony?


Were there any famous people from New York colony?

yes, there was it was beyonce (:

What were territorial days like in new york?

it was like any other colony

Were there any Native Americans in the New York colony if so what was their culture like?

New York was settled by the lenape tribe and the iroquois. Hope this helps :)

What were The parties of government for New York Colony?

New York colony didnt have any parites. It was govenred Peter Minuet, Walter Van Twiller, William Kieft, and Peter Stuyvesant. I hope this answered your question! :D

Are there any famous animals in New York?

yes one of them is the black bear

Does new york have any other animals as mascot?

The state bird is the eastern bluebird

What kind of colony was New York?

New York first became an English colony in 1664 when it was conquered by the English during the Second Anglo-Dutch war. The colony was granted by the English king, Charles II, to his brother James Duke of York. This arrangement was what is known as a proprietary colony. A proprietary colony was an English colony where the government was in the hands of a private person or corporate body. The proprietor could create any kind of government that he wished. In New York's case, James created a political system with a governor who ruled with a council of advisors appointed by James. It was not until 1683 that New York was first granted the right to an assembly to create laws. Even then, the assembly was beholden to James and he could veto any law that he liked. When James succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne and became James II in 1685 New York became a royal colony. It continued as a royal colony down to the American Revolution.

What is the most dangerous animal in New York State?

Well, I wouldn't say New York would have any really "wild" animals. But I think there are bears? or rabid mongoose?

Why did the dutch settled new Amsterdam?

Peter stuyvesant ruled the colony for many years then in 1664 an english fleet gained control of new netherland without any fighting new amsterdam became new york city named in honor of the duke of new york. new york was the first of the middle colonies

How did new netherland become New York?

The new Netherlands was a dutch colony from 1614 until 1667. In that time period the Netherlands where moving many ships around the world as England also did but at some point the king of England, Charles the second was grown tired of the dutch interfering with the shipping business so he send ships to take over the dutch colony of New Netherlands, the leader of the colony could not convince the people of the colony to fight against England and the colony was taken over without any bloodshed the city of New Amsterdam (what is now known as new york) was renamed to New york to onner the duke of New York who would become known as king James the second he became king of England after Charles the second.

Four Common Animals In New York?

Black bear I don't really no any more..... SO..... bye!

How democratic was the New Jersey colony?

The New Jersey Colony was more democratic than any other colony. Hope this answers your question. :)

What was it before it became a New York became a state?

It was the Dutch Colony of New Netherlands and then under the British it became the Province of New York. On 22 May 1775 the New York Provincial Congress declared itself free from British rule and it was first called the State of New York in 1776 and ratified the New York State Constitution in 1777. The British occupied much of New York during the Revolutionary War but it abandoned any claim to New York in the 1783 Treaty of Paris.

Does New York have any deserts?

New York has no deserts.

Do any animals have black blood?

not realy do any animal have black blood. but a vulture has black blood. the new york science lab workers

Are there any beaches in New York?

well there are beaches in new york

Are there any states with a New York other than New York state?

No, but New Jersey has a West New York, and Minnesota has a New York Mills.

Did New York get any tornadoes?

Yes. Both New York State and New York City have had tornadoes.

New York is the capital of which state?

New York is not the capital of any U.S. state. The capital of New York State is Albany, not New York City.

Is there any university's at New York?

There are tons of universities in New York. Among the best of them are Columbia and New York University.

Does New York have any urban areas?

Yes, New York does have urban areas, the largest is New York City.