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parallel lines never touch, never get any closer or any further apart.

tangent lines touch at one point

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Q: Difference between tangent and parallel lines?
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Tell the difference between transversal lines and parallel lines?

The transversal is the line that cuts the parallel line.

What difference between parallel and non parallel line in drawings?

Non-parallel lines intersect at some point, parallel lines don't.

Difference between secant lines and tangent lines?

A secant line touches a circle at two points. On the other hand a tangent line meets a circle at one point.

What are the deference between parallel lines and intersecting lines?

The difference between intersecting and parallel lines is that, on a graph parallel lines do ont touch,cross or anything. THEY NEVER TOUCH. intersecting lines touch, or cross eachother.\

What is the difference between a parralelogram a trapezoid?

Parallelogram: 2 pairs of parallel lines Trapezoid: 1 pair of parallel lines

What is a theorem about two lines tangent to a circle at the endpoints of a diameter?

Two lines tangent to a circle at the endpoints of its diameter are parallel. See related link for proof.

What is the difference between parallel lines and parallel planes?

Parallel lines are two 1-dimensional objects that do not meet. Parallel planes are two 2-dimensional objects that do not meet.

What are the differences between parallel lines?

The difference is in the location of their intercept with any other non-parallel line.

What is the difference between parallel and perpendicular planes?

Parallel lines never intersect and remain equal distance from each other but perpendicular lines intersect at right angles

What is the difference between parallel lines and lines?

Parallel lines remain the same distance apart and never intersect each other whereas other types of lines intersect each other at some point.

What is the difference between a parallelogram and a trapezium?

A trapezium has one a pair of parallel lines, a parallelogram has two.

How do you find out if lines are parallel?

If the distance between the lines is constant then they are parallel.