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truth table contains inputs and excitation table takes outputs as inputs

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Q: Difference between truth table and excitation table?
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Difference between excitation table and truth table?

truth table gives relation between i/p & o/p. excitation table is use for design of ff & counters.

What is the difference between state table and truth table?

A state table defines the behaviour of the of the sequantial function

What is the difference between two logic equations being equal versus two logic equations being equivalent?

Equal is the truth table and the circuit are the same. Equivalent is when the truth table is the same but the circuit is different

How can you tell the difference between truth and lies?

Consult the Bible.

Define a truth table?

A truth table is usually a table in which the truth or falsehood of two variables are taken as input and these form the edges of the table. The content of the table shows the truth value of the result of some operation on the variables.

What are the differences between Russian orthodox between baptist?

The difference is between truth (Orthodox) and error (Baptists).

What is difference between honesty and cover up?

Honesty is telling the truth and a cover up is when you cover up the truth.

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That truth was objective and their was a difference between high and low culture.

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what is the correct truth table for p V -q?

what is the correct truth table for p V~ q

A B C ' A'B'C' by using truth table?

(A+B+C)' = A'B'C' by using truth table

When using a truth table 1 and 1 equal what?

As inputs to the truth table 1 and 1 signify that they are both true. The output will depend on what kind of truth table we are talking about, AND, OR, XOR, etc.