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23/4" (two and three quarters inches)

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Q: Divide 11 inches into four equal parts?
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how many equal parts are in the whole?

There are an infinite number of equal parts in the whole. If you divide something into four equal parts, there will be four parts in the whole. If you divide something into 100,000 equal parts, there will be 100,00 parts in the whole.

How do you divide a trapezium into four equal parts?

Divide it across the diagonals - all four pieces will be the same.

How many quarter i nches in a inch?

There are four quarter inches in a inch. To get the quarter of anything, you are required to divide it by four equal parts. A quarter of an inch equal to one fourth of an inch.

What does quartering a tree mean?

To divide it into four equal parts.

How do you portion a dough?

divide it into four equal parts.

How do you divide a 6 by 6 grid into four equal parts?

You divide it 3 by 3.

What is one way to make a quadrant?

Divide a circle into four equal parts.

How can you divide an L-shaped figure into four equal parts?

Well, cut of bottom of L, wait, NO! You can't divide it equally! Silly me! Hope that answers your question. You can't divide it into 4 equal parts.

How do you divide a blank square into five equal parts?

Four parallel lines through it.

What are four ways of dividing a square into eight equal parts?

divide a square into eighths

Why does one fourth of ten equal 2.5?

If you divide ten into four equal parts you get 2.5 for each part. That is the definition of fourth.

Numbers that divide a data set into four equal parts?

only 4 will quarter a data set

How do you divide a circle into four equal parts?

draw a + inside it, touching the outside of the circle-cut it into Quaters.

How do you divide rectangle into 4 equal parts in 5 different ways?

In complete sentnces, explain why you can cut the rectangles into different shapes and still have four equal parts.

Can you divide a square in 2 equal parts in 9 different ways?

Yes you can, but you have to use zig zag lines. Using straight lines there are only four ways to divide a square into two equal parts (along the lines of symmetry).

What Are values that divide the data set into four equal parts.?

They are called the quartiles. The middle one is also known as the median.

Did Diocletian divide roman empire into 3 parts?

No, four parts.

How much is 48 inches in foot?

48 inches is four feet (divide inches by 12).

What is any one of four equal parts called?

Any one of four equal parts is called a quarter.

How many feet are in twenty four inches?

Simply divide the number of inches by 12.

How many centimetres are equal to 4 inches?

Four inches is 10.16cm

Does four feet equal twelve inches?

No. Four feet equals 48 inches. There are 12 inches for every foot.

A hand as measurement for horses is equal to?

A hand is equal to four inches.

Does 4 equal parts equal fourths or quarters?

Four equal parts equals both fourths and quarters.

How many feet is 159 inches?

There are 12 inches to foot. This would divide out to 13 feet and four inches.