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No, 100 milliliters does not equal to a liter.

1000 milliliters equal a liter.

Accordingly, 100 milliliter equals 1/10 liter.

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Q: Do 100 milliliters equal a liter?
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Is a liter equal to 100 milliliters?

n 1 liter = 1000 milliliters

Is it true that one liter is equal to 100 millimeters?

No, 100 millimeters are equal to a liter In fact, 1000 milliliters equal a liter.

Is 1.0 liters is equal to 100 milliliters?

No 1000 milliliters makes up one liter No, 1.0L is equal to 1000ml.

How many Liters is equal to 100milliliters?

1,000 milliliters are in 1 liter,so, 100 milliliters is equal to, .10 liters!

Are there 100 milliliters in one liter?

There are 10 times of that in a liter. 100 milliliters equals 0.1 liter.

357 mL is equal to how many deciliters?

There are 1000 milliliters to one liter, and 10 deciliters to a liter, so there are 100 milliliters to a deciliter. This means that in 357 milliliters, there are 3.57 deciliters.

What is 600 milliliters plus 400 milliliters equal?

1000 milliliters :D or 100 cantiliters or 1 liter

How many milliters is equal to a liter?

I believe that 1,000 milliliters is equal to a liter.

Is one liter 100 milliliters or 100 milliliters?

1 litre is 1000ml

Is one liter equal to 100 milliters?

No. 1 liter is 1000 milliliters. mili- mean thousand. centi- means hundred.

Is 750 milliliters bigger than 1 liter?

No. 1,000 milliliters equal 1 liter.

How many milliliters is equal to 1 leter?

1000 milliliters is equal to 1 liter

Is 7 liters equal to 7250 milliliters?

No. 1 liter is equal to 1,000 milliliters, so 7 liters is equal to 7,000 milliliters.

How many liters does 30 milliliters equal?

1 liter is equal to 1000 milliliters. Therefore 30 milliliters is equal to 0.03 liters.

How many milliliters equal to a liter?

There are 1000mL per liter.

How many milliliters equals a deciliter?

There are 100 milliliters in a deciliter. There are 1000 milliliters in a liter, and there are 10 deciliters in a liter. A deciliter is 100 times what a milliliter is.

0.1 liters is equal to how many milliliter?

Liters can be converted to milliliters by multiplying the number of liters by 1,000 milliliters. A volume of 0.1 liter is equal to 100 milliliters (0.1 x 1,000 ml).

How many liters are in 100 milileters?

100 milliliters is 0.1 liter.

How many milliliters are in a deciliter.?

1000 milliliters = 1 liter 10 deciliters = 1 liter 100 milliliters = 1 deciliter

How much is 1 hundredth of a liter?

10 milliliters. 1000 milliliters per liter. 1000 mililiteres / 100 = 10 milliliters.

100 milliliters is equivalent to what?

100 milliliters = 10 centiliters = 1 deciliter = 0.1 liter

How many milliliters are in 0.1 liters?

100 milliliters are in a tenth of a liter.

How many liters equals a milliliters?

There is 100 milliliters in 1 liter

Ten milliliters equal how many liters?

milli means 1/1000 of something so 10 ml (milliliters) means 1/100 of liter

1.9 Liter equal how many ML?

1900 milliliters

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