Do 9ft equals 27 yards

Updated: 11/4/2022
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One yard is equal to three feet - not the other way around. Therefore, 9 feet is equal to 9 / 3 = 3 yards. 27 feet, meanwhile, is equal to 27 / 3 = 9 yards.

to make it more simple-9 feet equals 3 yards

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Q: Do 9ft equals 27 yards
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How many yards are 9 feet?

3ft is 1 yard 9ft divided by 3ft = 3 therefore 9ft equals 3 yards

9ft equals how many yards?

3 yards

27 ft equals how many yards?

it equals 9 yards

What is the area of room 3 yards by 5 yards in square feet?

Well you convert the yards into feet. That would be 9ft x 15ft. That equals 135 feet2

3 yards equals how much feet?

9 feet. 3ft. = 1yd. 3 x 3 = 9ft.

How many square yards is needed to cover 9 feet by 9 feet?

9ft by 9ft is the same as 3 yards by 3 yards so the answer is 9 square yards.

27 feet equals how many yards?

27 feet is 9 yards.

How many square yards in a room 9ft x 9ft?

3ft = 1yd => 9ft = 3yd So a room 9ft x 9ft = 3yd x 3yd = 9 sq yd.

How many feet is in three yards?

There are 9ft (aprox.) in 3 yards.

How many square yards is 12ft plus 9ft equals?

how many square yards of carpet will they need for a dining room9ft and 12ft, a hall 3ft and 6ft, a living room 12f and 15ft

Which is greater 9ft or 2yd?

9ft equals 3yd which is greater than 2yd

9ft how many yards?

9 ft = 3 yrds.