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Usually numbers. Unless you are young, writing it in words can be tedious!

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Q: Do I write age in numbers or words?
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Decimal numbers in words 12.9?

write the following decimal numbers in words .0087945

How do you write 1067350.00 in numbers?

write 1,067,350.00 in words

How do you write 6000 in exponents in words?

You do not write numbers in exponent for in words.

How do you write a verbal model?

You write words instead of numbers :-)

Way to write numbers by using words?


How do write 90?

in words ninety in numbers 90

How do you write 778.5 million in numbers?

778.5 in words

How do you write 0.05 numbers in words?

It is five hundredths.

How do you write in expanded form?

You write in the numbers in words when you write in expanded.

Do you write numbers less than ten as words?


What form is it when you write numbers in words?

its called word form

When do you write numbers as words?

In ordinary writing, the numbers one through ten are written as words. Higher numbers are written as numbers.A sentence should not start with a numeral, so write out the number (or reword the sentence).

How do you write 5 February without words or numbers?

You cannot. If you do not have numbers, you must have words - even if they are words that only the person writing and reading can understand them.

How do you write out 5000 percent?

I think that you write it out :in words : five thousand percentin numbers : 5000 %

How do you write decimals in words?

To write decimals in words, write out the numbers and units. For example, 0.34 is thirty-four hundredths 5.6 is five and six tenths

What is before and after half in numbers or age example 15 and a half and how would you write it?

To write the number fifteen and one half in numbers you could write it as: 15 1/2 or as 15.5

How do you write the decimal numbers 0.0000001 in words?

One ten-millionth.

How do you write words as decimal numbers thirty and twenty-hundredths?


How do you write fourty thousand?

In words . . . . . "forty thousand". In numbers . . . 40,000 .

When do children write numbers in words?

To practice place value and spelling.

How do you write the decimal numbers in words 0.0001?

One ten thousandths.

How do you write the decimal numbers in words 0.014?

This way: Fourteen thousandths.

How do you write 200000.00 in words instead of numbers?

Two hundred thousand.

How do you write 20.16 in words instead of numbers?

Twenty and sixteen hundredths.

How do you write one lakh twenty five thousand in words write the numbers in words?

In words, the answer is one lakh twenty five thousand, exactly as in the question!