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Yes. We don't always notice the use of math, in the jobs we do, but all jobs involve the use of math in one form or another. We teach Math in school because in our modern world we do need to know some Math. However some careers need less difficult Math then others.

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Q: Do all careers need some sort of math?
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How much schooling do you need to be a high school math teacher?

Most careers require that a person has some sort of college degree. Most states require a bachelors degree or 4 years of schooling to become a high school math teacher.

Is there a job that requires no math?

No every job requires some sort of math.

What are some sorting rules for math?

Binary sort and bubble sort are two.

Finding Finance Careers?

If you are interested in the finance careers that are out there, there is no doubt that you'll need to get some sort of finance degree. This isn't one of those industries where you can just sort of show up and learn the skills "on the job" as is possible with some other jobs. Finance careers require a certain level of education to even qualify for, and perhaps an internship or two to show that you are worth the time.

Is math harder than reading?

People's abilities differ. Some find math harder and some find reading harder. But reading is more basic--you need it just to get around in the world. And you have to be able to "read" (interpret written symbols) in order to do math. Some people find math harder, and some people find reading harder. It depends on whether you have a logical, mathematical sort of mind or an intuitive, imaginative sort of mind! i believe that reading is harder than math.

Why is need math in CS?

Math is needed in computer science/programming because writing programs, in many cases, requires you to understand math equations, in order for your programs to do things. Having knowledge in math also means that you can be logical, which is a must for a computer programmer. Some simple programs may or may not need math knowledge, but if you want to make some sort of banking program that can handle interest, you need to know the equations for how to do compound interest. Game programming also requires a lot of math, as you need to understand physics (for 3d games, anyways), etc.

What sort of careers require technical school?

ya mums

What job do you use math in?

all of them, every job involves some sort of math, however accountancy and financial jobs tend to use the most amount of math

How math affected mcescher work?

there is all sort of math in his pictures

A math word that starts with a v?

varify or to describe gow you got the answer to an equation of some sort

Is cool math games really about math?

Some of games are designed to develop math skills. otherwise they are just good for your mind. Meaning that almost all of the games have some sort of problem-solving aspect to it.

Why is Wolfram Alpha helpful?

For any sort of calculation, Wolfram|Alpha is very helpful. If you have a calculation-based question, or if you need facts about food, careers, stars, or any sort of numerical data, Wolfram|Alpha is likely your best first stop. Also, if you have a math or physics problem, it's a great place to try to find a solution.

What kind of math is needed in order to major in psychology?

This will vary by college or institution. I would say that most colleges would require you to place into a math course. Most likely you will need to take some sort of Calculus. If you place into a lower math, you would have to work your way up to Calculus. Some places might not even require a math course.

What should you do if you are not very strong in math but you really want to be a pediatrician?

Look into colleges that interest you. Check their web sites for information as to program requirements for a premed major. After you know what math classes you will need in college, please talk to your math teacher about how to prepare for them. You may need to find a tutor, or get extra help from you teacher. There will be a math requirement of some sort, and the sooner you prepare for it, the better.


CFIG stands for Columbia Financial Investment Group. This is a collection of students that are undergraduates, and ones who want careers in finance of some sort.

What sort of math do rocket scientists use?


What is the definition of braces in math?

Sort of like brackets.

What does a gorilla need in order to survive?

they need water food and some sort of shelter.

Do you need a passport for domestic flights in Australia?

No you do not, but you do need some sort of photo identification.

Why do bees need a home?

Most living creatures need a home of some sort.

What sort of education do you need for a career in social work?

In order to have a career as a social worker, you must have at least a bachelor's degree in social work. Some careers in this field require a Master of Science degree or a Master in Clinical Social Work.

What are the HIGH SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS TO BE IN A business major CLASS?

That will vary from school to school, but generally you will need some sort of leadership class, high grades, good math scores, and maybe some other classes. You would have to check with the school.

Show you curve graph?

i need a graph of some sort for a essay

What experience do you need to become a fashion designer?

you need to have at least some sketches or anything of the sort, and you need some kind of a portfolio to show

What does a gorillas need to survive?

Gorillas need food water and some sort of shelter to survive.