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The answer depends on what you mean by "r values".

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Is r-value good or bad?

it is a good thing i think R Value is the thermal resistance of a given material. The higher the R Value the more thermal resistance and the better the insulation. So, an R48 roof system is warmer than an R32 roof system. All insulation materials are rated by their R Value. An inch of rigid insulation has a higher R Value than an inch of fiberglass insulation. Check with the insulation manufacturer for the R Value.

What does an R-Value tell you?

It is the measure of insulation against heat/cold afforded by varying thicknesses and composition of construction insulation materials. The higher the "R" Value the better the insulation characteristics.

Do 22.5 equal to 15r5?

The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.The answer will depend on the value of r.

What is the proper r-value for insulation for ceilings and exterior walls?

The required R value for walls and roof insulation varies depending on your local building authority. The ideal R value will depend on the climate, altitude, latitude and exposure of your site and the form, amount of glazing,materials and use of the building.

What value does 10 insulation give?

If you are referring to the R value of insulation, then 10 would be the 'thermal resistance' value of the insulation. A value of 10 is about what 3 1/2 inches of fiberglass batt insulation would give you. That is what you might put within your exterior walls if you are using wood studs. The higher the R value the better insulation you will have. When you add up all of the R values of the materials that make up your exterior wall you will get your total value. Depending on where your building is located, and the climate in that area, you will need to adjust your insulation accordingly.

Why semi conductive materials do not conduct current well and are og little value in their instrinsic state?

why semi conductive materials do not conduct current well & all of little value in their intrinsic state

What has the author Donald R Askeland written?

Donald R. Askeland has written: 'The science and engineering of materials' -- subject(s): Materials, Materials science, Strength of materials, Textbooks 'Essentials of materials science and engineering' -- subject(s): Materials science, Problems, exercises, Materials

How to Convert u-value to r-value?

To convert U vals To R Vals 1/u = r val

Does concrete have an R value. 8 inches is equal to about a single pane of glass. Not much at all...?

Yes. Don't know for sure but its pretty low. however note that R value depends on the thickness. You double the thickness you double the R value.

What is the R-value of air?

the r value of air is pretty high

What has the author H R Clauser written?

H. R. Clauser has written: 'Industrial and engineering materials' -- subject(s): Materials

What is the value of r?

As in pie r squared? r = radius.

What is the R value of duct board?

1" Duct Board has an R-Value of 4.3

What materials besides iron are magnetic?

materials like copper ,alloys and other materials like iron r magnetic.

Where did the name r value come from in insulation?

Where does the R value, respiratory quotient or RER come from.

What is the r value for asbestos roof sheeting?

R value of asbstos cment roofing sheet ?

What is 12 minus r?

The value of 12 - r will depend on r.

What has the author J R Tony Arnold written?

J. R. Tony Arnold has written: 'Introduction to materials management' -- subject(s): Materials management

Which material has the highest r value stucco pine board concrete or fiber glass insulation?

Fiberglass Insulation, R Value of 3.14. Pine board has an R Value of 1.74

J R Clark Co antique ironing board?

I Have A J R Clark ironing Board All Wood What Is The Year And It's Value?

What is r value?

R value is a measure of the ability of a material to retard, or slow down, the movement of heat.

How do you select the best sources of materials and equipment that provide the best value for money?

How to select sources of materials and equipment that provide best value for money:

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