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They do combine in whole number ratios, but these ratios need not be simple - particularly in some organic compounds.

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Q: Do atoms combine to form molecules in simple whole number ratios?
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What ratio do elements combine to for compounds?

In simple whole number ratios

In what type of ratio do atoms combine to form compounds?

simple whole number ratios

Did Dalton's atomic theory state that atoms of different elements combine in simple whole-number ratios can form compounds?

Dalton's atomic theory states that atoms of different elements combine in simple whole-number ratios when they form compounds.

Who said atoms combine in simple whole number ratios to from compounds?

John Dalton, the father of modern chemistry, said that atoms combine in simple whole-number rations to form compounds.

In what type of ratios do atoms combine to form compounds?

Simple whole-numbered ratios

Which scientist said atoms combine in a simple whole number ratios to form compounds?

John Dalton

When elements react their atoms combine to form what?

simple whole number ratios(more than one posible)

Organisms combine simple molecules to form complex molecules by the process of?


What is the process by which simple molecules combine chemically to form more complex molecules is?


What parts of daltons atomic theory is illustrated by 2 parts of hydrogen and oxygen forming water?

Atoms can combine to form compounds, in simple whole number ratios

What are pathways that require energy to combine molecules together called?

Anabolic pathways require energy to combine simple molecules into more complex ones.

What was the purpose of the miller-ureys experiment?

To see if simple molecules can combine spontaneously.

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