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small balls will bounce higher because they have closer particles

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Q: Do bigger balls bounce higher than small balls?
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Why do small rubber bouncy balls bounce higher than other balls?

because they are made to bounce

Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?

small bouncy balls will bounce higher

Which ball bounce higher a big ball medium ball or small ball?

The small ball will bounce higher because it carries less weight.

Why do small balls bounce higher than big balls?

Bouncing is a function of the elastic qualities of the ball, due to its composition. But it takes more energy to "manually bounce" a large ball because the person bouncing it is supplying the initial force (rather than just gravity). It is easier for a person to apply a large force to a lighter, smaller ball to make it bounce higher.

How does the size affect the height of a balls bounce?

because a small ball has more density

Do golf balls bounce higher than most balls?

it depends on the ground. for example on gravel, the small golf ball might hit some small rocks on the side and knock them away, which reduces its energy. it also might bounce of at a very flat angle, rolling over the ground and not bouncing at all. while a larger ball like a basketball will not be affected in that way by the small stones and will jump higher than the golf ball. but on a very flat and hard surface the golfball might jump higher. but the bounce height of the basketball depends heavily on the air pressure inside it. so... there are too many factors to consider. also what does "most balls" mean?

Which ball goes higher a small ball or big ball?

Because of gravity, a ball with a larger mass will take more energy to bounce than a small ball (of the same material) will, so a small one will usually bounce higher.

You are a man with small balls Is the phrase small potatoes make the steak look bigger true?

Jordan Maynard

Does smaller particles have bigger or small infiltration rate?

The bigger the particle the higher the infiltration rate is.

Why velocity of big shpere in viscous liquid is higher than small shpere?

It is because the bigger sphere is bigger.

How does temperature affect the height that a dropped ball bounces?

When the ball is at a low temperature, the molecules are not flexible and bounce only to a small height. On the other hand, if the ball is warm or at a higher temperature, it will bounce longer heights.

How did soccer came about?

the people who make are the china with a small ball about 5cm or the russia, India, Italy, Greece, Portugal with bigger balls. the balls we use today21cm all from Europe & Asia

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