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If you're using a GFCI breaker then the entire circuit will be protected by just the breaker alone. Every receptacle, switch, etc on that breaker will utilise the GFCI protection. You may have problems with it tripping if you plug in a motor (vacuum, etc) on the circuit.

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Q: Do both the breakers and the outlets need to be GFI if you are running two 15 amp GFI circuits?
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When the test button is pressed on a gfci outlet it sparks and trips two breakers in the main panel What could be the problem?

The test button should only trip the GFCI. The fact that it is tripping two breakers indicates that somehow both breakers are feeding your GFCI circuit. I have seen this when there was a wiring error and two circuits were joined in an outlet that was connected to a breaker and through the GFCI outlet. To troubleshoot determine which outlets are effected when both breakers are off. Pull outlet from box and if there are two feeds remove one from outlet and run a toner on wire left on outlet to panel and one off outlet to panel. The GFCI could block the toner so if one side of the outlet does not tone back to panel check at GFCI. There must be two paths to your electric panel for the two breakers to trip and the GFCI may be faulty as well. Another way to check is to have the GFCI reset and both breakers on. Check each outlet that you have identified as being on GFCI noting that they can be in different rooms. With all outlets working turn off one of the tripped breakers. See if any outlets so off. If not turn off the other breaker and turn on the first breaker. If power is still present then the outlets are being fed by both breakers.

Where are both parallel and series circuits used?

there are both used in some electronics eg circuit breakers,ring main unit,circuit board.

Why are some single outlets run off two separate breakers?

The only time 2 beakers are run to one outlet is if the outlet is 240V. The breakers should have handle-ties connected to them to ensure that both breakers trip in the event of an overload. Nope its not 240 either,cause it continues to other outlets the same way.and can plug 110 accesories into them. I have come accross this everywhere. In rooms without a ceiling light, one half of a duplex receptacle is a switched lighting circuit and the other is a always on receptacle.

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Do you have series or parallel circuits in your home?

You have both series and parallel circuits in your home. All of the branch circuits are in parallel with each other. (Although half are on opposite phases, it is helpful to think of them in parallel.) Each of the outlets, lamps, or loads in a branch circuit are in parallel with each other. And finally, switches are in series with the circuit that they control.

What do combination circuits use?

Compound or combination circuits combine aspects of both parallel and series circuits.

What is an electric shared neutral?

An electric shared neutral is the white or negative wire that is shared between two electrical circuits on a basic single phase system. Most electrical devices use 120 volts and require a "hot" wire and a neutral wire to operate. Some larger devices use 240 volts and require two "hot" wires to operate. Two circuit breakers in an electrical panel can share one neutral wire as long as the breakers are not on the same "leg" of power. When looking at an electrical panel there are usually two "legs" of power feeding all the breakers, each leg has 120 Volts to ground, if the "legs" are combined you will have 240 Volts. A neutral wire can be shared by two circuits as long as the breakers are on separate "legs". If someone needed to add two circuits in their home, the could run what is called a 3-wire romex, It has a black wire, a red wire, a white wire and a ground wire. The white wire is the neutral for both the black and red 120 volt circuits, and the breakers for the new circuits would need to be on separate "legs" in the panel.

Compare and contrast open and closed circuits?

they are circuits

Is it possible to operate two 1300 W hairdryers on a 120 V circuit without blowing a fuse?

1300 watts on a 120 volt circuit is 10.8 amps. Since most circuits are built with 15 or 20 amp breakers, no. Rdrsh is correct. If both outlets you plan on using are on the same circuit and you have nothing else on, you might be able to run both at the same time for a short period of time if it is a 20 amp circuit. If it is a 15 amp circuit, no way will it work. However if you have a couple of 100 watt lights on then you will have a total of over 20 amps draw and it will trip the breaker. You need to have these of separate circuits.

Can resistors function the same in AC circuits as in DC circuits?

Yes, they both can add a load to a circuit.

Does a refrigerator have parallel and series circuits?


Why do two separate breakers control the same outlets?

The first breaker's ground is bad, the second one is supplying the ground for the outlet to have power, thus one is finding the ground somehow to the outlet to have power. both breakers have to be on for the outlet to work. NOT A GOOD thing, suggest a weekend warrior, installed the electric, I would have a qualified electrician trace each outlet in the house and replace ALL outlets and switches. Inspect all junction boxes and check connections. I don't want to read about your house burning down in the paper..

How are series circuits and parellel circuits alike?

Both take current and energy from the power supply and dissipate power.

Does an extension cord with outlets on both sides exist?


Can 2 20A single pole breakers be used for a 20A 2-pole breaker for a 240 volt load?

Yes, but there is a code rule that states that if either breaker trips under overload or short circuit conditions both breakers must disconnect the load. Each breaker manufacturer knows of this rule and makes a clip that is pushed on over the handles of both single pole breakers. This clip serves the code rule by making the breakers act as a two pole breaker. If the breakers are being used as a disconnect to isolate the load both "hot" legs will be opened.

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What kind of circuit are homes wired in?

Homes are wired in both series and parallel circuits. It depends on what the circuits load is as to what type of circuit to use. Usually dedicated circuits are series loaded circuits.

To which circuits superposition theorem can be applied?

both ac and dc

Where superposition theorem is applied for both ac and dc circuits?

In resonance condition xl=xc so that the circuit is pure that suporposition theorem is applied for both dc and ac circuits

Which premium outlet mall is better-cabazon or camarillo?

The camarillo and the cabazon outlets neighbor each other, they are both very decent outlets.

Are the light in your school connected in series circuits or parallels circuits?

Typically they are both. Most are paralleled from the breaker and then serial from each power switch.

How are dc and ac circuits the same?

they both can add a load to a circuit

What the advantages of series circuits?

While many of the terminal parts of a circuit may be a series element, in most circuits there will be both series and parallel components. Neither is superior - they both have their appropriate applications.

Can two 110 V ciruits use the same white or return wire?

Yes, it is called a three wire circuit. The two circuits have to be adjacent legs in the distribution panel, they can not be on the same leg. Kitchen counter split circuits use this configuration. The circuit wiring has to be protected by a two pole breaker so that if any work is done on the circuit both legs will be disconnected when the breaker is turned off. If two single pole breakers are used in this installation there should be a common tie bar to connect the two handles of the single pole breakers together to make the job conform to the electrical code.

Compare and contrast a circuit breaker and a fuse?

Compare: both interrupt current both have limitations on how much can be interrupted contrast: fuse operates once, circuit breakers can be reset breakers are more complex than fuses breakers are more expensive than fuses