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Q: Do cones and prisms both have only one base true or false?
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Cones and polyhedrons both have only one base?


Cones and prisms both have only one base?

falseTruegood luck *Apex sucks*

How are pyramids and prisms alike?

Both pyramids and prisms are three dimensional. Both of them have polygon faces. Another thing common about pyramids and prisms is that they have a base and faces.

What do prisms and pyramids have in common?

They both have a base and sides. However, the prism has a second base at the top, which the pyramid does not have.

How are prisms and pyramids named?

They are both named according to the polygons that form their base(s).

Reasons why pyramids and prisms have nothing in common?

They are both polyhedra. Therefore the question is based on false premises and so is a waste of time.

How are rectangular prism and triangular prisms alike?

They are both three dimensional prisms.

How are cones and pyramids alike and how are they different?

Both cones and pyramids have one base and they all have a vertex, or they all come to a point. That is what makes them alike. What make them different is that a cone has one curved edge at its base, and a pyramid has 6 to 8 edges which is not curved

How seed cones and pollen cones are similar?

Seed cones and pollen cones both grow on the same tree. The both have seeds, one is male and one is female.

What is a similarity between prisms and pyramid?

Prisms come in many shapes and sizes but all prisms must have flat sides - no curved sides so a Pyramid having flat sides and no curves is a prism. * * * * * That is utter rubbish. Both pyramids and prisms are polyhedra. That means they are solid shapes bounded by plane faces. Neither of them can have curved faces. A pyramid has one polygonal base and triangular faces that rise from the base and meet at an apex. A prism has two congruent parallel bases that are linked together by rectangular faces. Both terms are generic: they do not specify the polygonal bases.

What is difference between non-prisms and prisms?

Prisms have a uniform cross-section - a side of it is repeated throughout the shape.

What are similarities between cone and cylinder?

Cones and cylinders both have a circular base. They are both 3 dimensional shapes. They also have at least one circular base. This was a CMT question for me this year. (7th grade math 3)

How are prisms and pyramids similar?

They are both polyhedra.

Is it true some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids?


How are cones and cylinders alike?

They are both three dimensional ovals with a flattened base, however, a cone has a pointed tip and tapers down to the base while a cylinder has two flattened circular bases.

How are pyramids and cones alike and differant?

Pyramids and cones are both kind of similar but also very different. You can say that the cone has no vertex (something that may be confusing because of what a book says) but a cone really does not have any vertex because there are no line segments or faces that are only faces (the circle is both a base and a face) You can say they are similar because they both have only one base Hope this helped - Harry

Does a cone with a circle base and a cone with a square base have the same volumes?

no The area of a cone is 1/3 times the base times the height, so the volumes are the same only if the area of the base times the height is the same in both cones.

What are some similarities between rectangular and triangular prisms?

they are both solid shapes they both have a rectangle they are both prisms they are both bounded by plane polygonal faces hope this helps :)

Some polyhedrons are both prisms and pyramids?

Not true.

Do fir trees have cones?

Ye, both male and female cones are produced

How are pollen cones and seed cones similar?

they are similar because they both have seeds and sharp hair

How are triangular prisms and pyramids alike?

They both have a triangular shape

Do pine trees have male or female cones or both?

Both Both

What are differences and similarities between cylinder and prism with examples?

The differences between a prisms and cylinders is that a cylinder contains of 2 parallel lines while a prism doesn'tsimilarities is that the both have a common base

How are cylinders and cones different and alike?

Different:cylinders and cones are different because cylinders have paralle sides and a cone does not because it has a base and a vertex so that mean that the cone comes up to a pointAlike: The cylinder and cone are both three-dimensional figures. They both have to do with geomatry.

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