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For cable not in conduit and intended to be installed without conduit, such as NM cable, yes. You must provide some form of connector that will hold the cable in place. A clamp is not the only kind of connector that will do this but is the most common.

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Q: Do electrical wire cables have to be clamped with cable connectors when they enter electrical panel box?
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Do you sell cable connectors for the printer cables?

Cable connectors are always avaible for printer cables.

What are cable connectors often used for?

Cable connectors are used on coaxial cables, which are ports in the wall that connect to a TV. The connectors are used to either link together two coaxial cables or split it off into more than one.

Which of the following connectors is commonly used on a coaxial cable?

The most common connectors for coaxial cables are F-type and BNC.

What are audio cables?

Audio connectors and video connectors are electrical connectors for carrying audio signal and video signal, of either analog or digital format. Analog A/V connectors often use Shielded cable to inhibit radio frequency interference (RFI) and noise. They use connectors such as SPEAKON, XLR, TRS and RCA.

What is a Continuity test on Electrical Cables?

Continuity of electrical cables must, because it is the process of inspection to found any discontinuity in the cable

Which type of cable is most likely in use with RJ45 connectors attached to a computer?

RJ45 connectors are used in "ethernet cables". These cables connect network devices between computers and systems.

What is a tpc cable?

TPC is not a type of cable, but rather a company known as "TPC Wire & Cable Corp." The company deals in wire, cables, and connectors.

Parallel ATA allows for connectors on a motherboard for 40-pin data cables?

For Two Connectors on a motherboard for two 40-pin data cable.

Which coax cable is better - gold, brass, or nickel connectors?

Copper cables are the best and the standard just make sure it is sheilded cable.

Why electrical cables are available in different diameter sizes?

The different electrical cable diameters are corresponding to the different electric currents that could be tolerated by the cables.

Why are metals used for making electrical cable?

aluminium is used for making electrical cables as the metal do not melt easily

What is cable schedule?

Cable schedules provided a tabulated list of all cables with relevant details such as cable number, cable type, size and rating, voltage, number of cores and length of route. Cable schedules are applicable for power cables, control cables, instrumentation cables and industrial data communication cables. In addition to the cable schedules, termination diagrams are provided for use by the electrical installation contractor.

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