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Not tough math, but they need to figure out how much profit, revenue, and other things.

Additional: Totally agree! Simple stuff and you can use a calculator

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Q: Do farmers use math
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How do farmers use math?

I don't have the time, nor space, to answer this. There are too many types of farmers. Believe me, they use it from sun up to sun dowm to measure the seed , acreage, oil, land, weight, bales, etc., etc., etc.

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Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!Math (or maths) is not a job and so engineering does not use math as a job!

Which machines do Brazilian farmers use?

Brazilian farmers use many of the same machines that farmers in the United States and Europe use. These farmers use machines like tractors, threshers, hay balers, and plows.

How the mesopotamian farmers use the spears and the axes?

Farmers didn't use them

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how do they use math

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Yes, farmers do indeed use science every day.

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Farmers use insecticides to make plants healthy and they can grow well