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Q: Do leeches die when you cut them in half?
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If a worm is cut in half will it die?


Why dont worms die if you cut them in half?

IF you cut a worm in half, the bottom half will die because it cannot grow a new head. However, the top half will live and heal.

Can you die if you eat leeches?


How do leeches die?

Pour salt on it

How do leeches use there suckers to suck blood?

Leeches use there teeth and make a cut on there pray then they use there suckers to suck blood

How do sharks die?

they get cut in half and just left to die and all there parts are chopped its horrible

Do all head lice eggs die after a treatment?

no comb them all out and cut them in half then they die

How would you compare yourself to a paper?

if you cut yourself by half, you'll die

Did George Washington die from leeches?

no, he died of thyphoid fever

Can a centipede still live if it is cut in half?

No, they will die because they aren't like worms.

What is cut fruit?

When a fruit is cut in half, roughly half.

How are some of the US then divied?

cut in half cut in half

What happens to leeches in winter?

they go way under ground, or, die

Did Darth maul get cut in half?

Yes, he did. He was cut in half at the waist.

Do tiger leeches have teeth?

yes tiger leeches contain have miniature razor sharp teach about half a millimeter in length and contain a mild paralysis lethal to small animals

Are leeches endangered?

no leeches are not

In Star Wars did Darth maul die?

Yes. Obi-Wan Kenobi cut him in half.

Does Sideways die in transformers 3?

he was killed in the second movie Sideswipe cut him in half in Shanghai

Can you cut apo-cyclobenzaprine 10 mg in half?

I read the info sheet on this drug as I wanted to cut them in half and it did not say not to cut them in half and I have used them cut in half. call your pharmacy to make sure .

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again what fraction do you then get?

If you have half of something and you cut it in half again, you get the fraction of 1/4.

Can leeches kill people?

It would be very unusual for leeches to kill people, however, they do suck blood, and a person can die from blood loss. In order to lose that much blood, a person would have to be unconscious will leeches are feasting at will.

How do you cut an egg in half?

I would boil it first, peel it, then cut it in half.

Can hydrocodone apap 5-500 be cut in half?

can hydrocodone be cut in half

Can amitriptyline hcl be cut in half?

can amitriptyline hcl 10mg be cut in half?

Are leeches will die after sprayed by disinfectant?

No. Leaches are a disgusting animal that don't die until salt is poured on them.