Do men have erections after 55?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Some do some dont

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Q: Do men have erections after 55?
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Is it really rare for men to get 'blue balls'?

No, it is common in most men who get random erections (erections that occur when there is no sexual physical or mental stimulation) or men who have prolonged sex with no ejaculation.

Does men get errections for no sexual stimulation?

They can do yes. These are called spontaneous erections or involuntary erections. They occur when blood suddenly rushes into the penis (erections are caused by blood flow into the penis). It's very common in men when they wake up in the mornings.

Why do you get erections when looking at men?

Men get boners (or more correctly erections) when they usually see women or if they are gay another man. Women can discharge if they are sexually aroused by looking at a man. During puberty erections may come at unusual times. Mature men generally only get erections when they are sexually aroused. If a man is homosexual, this arousal will be triggered by other men. It's possible that you, on some level, find other men to be sexually attractive. It's also possible that while you were gazing at a man, your mind was thinking about something sexual, whether related to men or women.

Do men get erections from pain?

yes some men do, but its more of a fetish than the norm

How many erections will a healthy man experience during sleep?

Physically healthy men experience several prolonged erections during sleep.

Do male men get erections before needing to urinate?

Not in standard urination. However, after erections, men often need to urinate, this is a biological function designed to "keep the pipes clean" and free of organic materials.

Do men with high blood pressure get harder erections than normal?

no they die

Do only gay men get erections when thinking about HAVING a big penis?

no i do and i have a wife

How do blind men get erections?

It is not necessary to be able to see to get an erection. Did you never have one in the dark?

Is it normal for men to have lots of erections in a day?

No, you're a freak.

Can women who turn into men have erections?

WOW! no, because they would not have fully turned into a man.

Is Vaginal wetness Hereditary?

No, Vaginal wetness happens to all females as to men's erections