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Q: Do more than 4 in 5 smokers want to quit?
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0 smokers were questioned about the number of hours they sleep each day you want to test the hypothesis that the smokers need less sleep than the general public which needs an average 7.7 hours of sle?

Disclaimer: This is not an easy answer because a lot depends on the sample size, distribution of population, etc. But for the sake of this I will assume that we are talking about a normally-distributed population and a sufficiently large sample size.You want to test the hypothesis that smokers need less sleep than the general public. You are told that the general public needs an average of 7.7 hours of sleep. So:Avgpop = 7.7The hypothesis that you are testing (H1) is that smokers need less sleep:Avgsmoker < Avgpopulation or Avgsmoker < 7.7 hoursYour null hypothesis (Ho) would be that there is no difference between the two groups OR that smokers need MORE sleep than the general population:Avgpopulation >= Avgsmoker or Avgsmoker

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How can you get over or out of a relationship with a married man when you both work side by side with each other almost every day and who cannot quit this job as it is your dream job?


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How many percent of smokers want to quit?


The dependency-producing substance found in cigarettes is?

I am not sure there is more than one addicting substance but I can tell you that there is nicotine in cigarettes. That is why most smokers dont quit when they want to.

If ten smokers want to quit how many are most likely to be successful?

on average four people will

What are some quit smoking programs?

There are many websites and companies that can offer smokers who want to quit various programs. Some of these websites that offer programs are Smoke Free and FFS Online.

Have you ever tried to quit smoking as a New Years resolution?

I have never been a smoker and NEVER want to be! However, trying to quit smoking as a New Year's resolution is a G-R-E-A-T idea!!!! If you do, it will be a great accomplishment! Good luck! :D -------------------------------------- Statistically more smokers manage to quit if they try to do so at the start of the new year than at any other time. Good luck!

What are some statistics from using tobacco?

1 in 5 people become smokers an average of 75% of people want to quit. only 5% succeed.

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What are treatments for smoking?

.most smokers who want to quit benefit from the support of other people. It helps to quit with a friend or to join a group. Other alternatives to help.include nicotine replacement therapy. The prescription drug Zyban. hypnotherapy, herbs.

Do smokers want their children to smoke?

Smokers don't want their children to start smoking because they don't weant them to make the same mistake they did.

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you quit whenever you want.

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Some things are more difficult than others!I'm not addicted -- I can quit any time I want to! I've done it dozens of times!!

Can an employer force you to quit?

No, its your job if you want to quit then quit but no-one can force you.