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There are several plants that have edible stems; asparagus and celery come to mind.

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Q: Do people eat stems
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Stems people eat?

People can eat celery, asparagus, bean sprouts, chives, and rhubarb. People can also eat alot more stems than just that, typed above.

What stems can people eat?

potatoes and sugarcanes can be eaten......

Stems you can eat?

Some stems you can eat include the stems of asparagus plants and the stems of celery stalks. You can also eat the roots of many plants including carrots and beets.

Can you eat the stems on greens?

Yes, it is safe to eat the stems on greens

Can you eat the horseradish stems?

Yes you could eat horseradish stems.

What kind of stems do people eat?

Many different stems! Broccoli, asparagus, bean sprouts, chives, and rhubarb, to name a few. Many of the vegetables that we eat are the stem portion of the plant.

What stems do people eat?

Among others...celery, asparagus, and chopped broccoli.

Can a guinea pig eat the stems of leaves?

the guinea pig can eat stems i just dont know about leaves

Which part of cabbage is eaten?

people eat the leaves of a cabbage. sometimes its rotten and they throw it out. they cut out the stems and eat the fresh leaves.

Which part of a raspberry do you eat?

you eat all of the rasberry. there is no stems IN it.

What stems do you eat?

carrtos and stuff

What do eagle owls eat?


Why do water lilies have stems?

to eat

What do Eagle owl eat?


Can horses eat apple stems?

Yes, horses can eat apple stems. I don't know if stems are particularly tasty, but they're certainly digestible (and a lot less hassle to get rid of if you just let a horse eat all parts of the apple).

Can you eat carrot stems?

You can, but they taste nasty!

What stem do a gorilla eat?

Tender stems .

Can you eat the leaves of the kohlrabi?

Yes, and the stems too.

What jobs do earwigs perform?

they eat the plant stems

Can hamsters eat strawberry stems?

No. its to hard on there throughts.

What part of a plant can humans eat?

you can eat the stems leafs fruit seeds and roots

What foods do zebra's eat?

zebras eat the stems of corn plants, leaves, and twigs.

What animals do zebra eat?

they eat stems and leves of grasses and other plants

Do pandas eat leaves and stems?

Pandas mostly eat bamboo shoots which are full of roughage.

Do snails eat mushrooms?

Yes they do eat mushrooms. Along with leaves, stems and roots (etc.)