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The periods go outside the parenthesis. They wrap everything up.

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Q: Do periods go inside or outside the parenthesis?
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Does the explanation mark go inside the parenthesis or outside?

(In side!)

Do parenthesis go inside or outside quotation marks when citing material?


Do parenthesis go inside or outside quotation marks?

It depends. What is the sentence you want to use?

Does a period go inside or outside the apostrophe?

Generally, periods (to signify the end of sentences) will always come after apostrophes. Quotation marks and parentheses will go outside of the period, but apostrophes go inside.

Does a period mark go inside parenthesis?


Does a comma go inside or outside an apostrophe?

Outside, like: The car was John's, so he had to pay for the repairs. However, if you are using the apostrophes as single quotation marks, then inside. Commas and periods always go inside quotation marks. "Like this."

Do periods or commas in article titles go inside or outside the quotation marks?

If they are part of the title, they will go within the quotation marks.

Do quotation marks go inside a parenthesis?

Typically yes but it depends on the context.

Does a comma always go inside quotation marks?

British style places commas and periods that are not part of the quoted material outside of the quotation marks. Also, in technical applications or when discussing coding, punctuation that is not part of a text string should be placed outside of the quotes. Placing commas and periods inside the quotes implies that they are part of the string to be displayed.

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Do quotations go inside or outside of the period?

Outside the period

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