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Yes. Those trapezoids with four right angles are called squares. Since in order to be a trapezoids, a shape must be a quadrilateral with with one set of parallel lines, and a square fits those requirements. In conclusion, the trapezoids that have four right angles are squares.

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Q: Do some trapezoids have 4 right angles?
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What 4 sided shapes have right angles in them?

Squares, rectangles, and some trapezoids.

Do trapezoids have 4 right angles?

No, because it would then be considered a rectangle.

Do some trapezoids have four interior angles?

They all have 4 interior angles.

A trapezoid has how many angles?

The trapezoids have 4 angles

Can some trapezoids can not be a quadrangles?

No because all trapezoids are 4 sided quadrilaterals with 4 interior angles that add up to 360 degrees.

Do some 4 sided shapes have no right angles?

Yes, loads of them, like most trapezoids, kites and diamonds, to name a few.

Can a trapezoid have 4 sides and two right angles?

Yes, all trapezoids have 4 sides anyhow. The two right angles would have to be consecutive and the only right angles in the polygon to maintain a trapezoidal shape.

Do trapezoids have 4 interior angles?

Yes, trapezoids have four interior angles. However, not all of the angles are equal. There are two acute angles and two obtuse angles in a trapezoid.

Do trapezoids have 4 obtuse angles?

No but their 4 interior angles add up to 360 degrees

What do trapezoids and parallelograms share in common?

4 sides, 4 angles

Can a trapezoid be drawn with 3 right angle?

a trapezoid has no right angles whatsoever. no they cant because trapezoids have only 4 sides and dented

Can a trapezoids have 2 right angles?

A trapezoid has 4 sides with 2 of them unequal in length, there is one case where there can be 2 right angles. It would look like a square with a triangle on the side. All 4 sided closed shapes have angles that add up to 360 degrees, this includes squares, rectangles, trapezoids and parallellagrams