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No. (14)2 is not equal to (8)2 + (10)2 .

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Q: Do the numbers 8 10 14 make a right triangle?
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Do 6 10 and 8 make an right triangle?

Yes the dimensions given would make a right angle triangle

Add two triangle numbers to make 38?

10 + 28 are two triangle numbers that, added together total 38.

Do the numbers 6810 represent the sides of a right triangle?

If you mean units of 6 8 and 10 then yes they can form the sides of a right angle triangle.

Do 10 8 and 6 make a right triangle?


Can the lengths 4 and 8 and 10 make a right triangle?


Do the lengths 7 10 12 make a right angle?

No, they do not represent a right triangle.

Could the side lengths 9 15 and 10 represent a right triangle?

No. In order to be the sides of a right triangle, the square of one of the numbers must be the sum of the squares of the other two numbers. (the square of 9) + (the square of 10) = 181 but (the square of 15) = 225 .

Can side length 8 9 10 make a right triangle?


Can You Find triangular numbers in Pascals triangle?

Yes. I think they're in the 3rd diagonal of the triangle. Basically, its how many numbers you need to make a geometrically correct triangle: 1, 3, 6, 10......

Do these three sides make a right triangle 10 24 26?

it should make a triangle I dont know about a right triangle because in order for three sides to make a triangle the sum of the two smallest sides need to be bigger than the biggest side in this case the sum of the two smallest numbers is 34 and the biggest side is only 26 making the two smaller sides bigger than the biggest side ------ Yes, they make a right triangle if 10(a) and 24(b) are the legs and 26(c) is the hypotenuse because of a^2+b^2=c^2.

What two triangle numbers make thirty eight?

28 and 10 are both triangular numbers and add up to 38

Do 10 15 20 make a right triangle?

No. 100 + 225 is not 400 .