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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Do the odds of rolling a six with the roll of a dice increase as you increase the number of rolls?
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What is the probability of rolling a complementary number with a dice?

In two successive rolls, it is 1/6 otherwise it is a near certainty.

Is rolling an even number on a number cube an outcome or an event?

Rolling a dice and getting an even number is an outcome. It is the result of rolling a dice.

What is the probability of getting a pair on two dice?

Total number of possible rolls with 2 dice = 36.Total number of rolls that are doubles = 6.Probability of rolling doubles= 6/36 = 1/6 = (16 and 2/3) percent .

What is the probability of rolling 3 on two consecutive rolls of a fair dice?

1 in 36.

What is the probabitlity of rolling an 8?

The probability of rolling an 8 with a dice would be 1/8, or every 8 rolls you would get an 8 because there are 8 sides on a dice. Of course this is not what's going to happen every once 8 rolls.

What is the probability of rolling the same number on two dice?

We'll assume standard six-sided dice. The first die rolls... well, whatever it rolls. It doesn't really matter what the specific number is. The second die can come up any of six different ways. One of those ways is with the same number as the first, the other five are different. So the chances of rolling two dice and getting the same number on both is 1/6.

When rolling five dice what is the probability that all 5 dice will be the same number?

The probability of rolling the same number on five dice is (1/6)4, or about 0.0007716.

What is the probability of rolling an 8 in craps?

11% chance that you will roll an 8 in any dice rolls

What is the probability of rolling exactly one 4 in three rolls of a dice?

3/18 I think

When rolling a dice what is the probability of rolling a number 4?

1 in 6.

What does rolling a double in monopoly mean?

Rolling a double is when both dice come up with the same number. Depending on the rules, the player who rolls a double gets to roll again after moving his token.

What is the probability of rolling an even number with 3 dice?

With one roll of three dice, the probability is 7/8.

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