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the words more than do sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication. Also the words more than suggest the operation of adding.

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Q: Do the words more than sometimes suggest the operation of multiplication?
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What operation do the words decreased by suggest?

The words "decreased by" suggest the operation of subtraction.

Does the word each sometimes suggest the operation of division?

If you see the words 'how many' or 'share' that usually means divide.

Other words that mean multiplication?

other word tnat mean multiplication

What is the opposite word of Divide?

In terms of the English language, it would be gather, or convene (divide means "to split up." Words like gather or convene mean "to come together").In terms of mathematics, multiplication is the rival operation to division, so multiplication is the opposite of division.

What are some other words for multiplication in math?

multiply multiplication times bla>1

What Are Some Other Words For Multiplicaton In Math?

other words for multiplication

Words with the prefix multi?

Multiple Multiplication Multitalented

What are some other words for product in math?


What words in math mean multiplication?


What is are different words for multiply in math?

multiplication , times

What are some other words for multiplication?

multiplication, multiple, times, x, multiply, multiplied, multi, product, divsion reversal time, of

What are some other words for times in maths?

Repeated addition or multiplication.

More words for multiplication?

times, increase, double/triple etc.

What are some words that can describe multiplication and division?

multiply, divide, times

Is product in maths times or add?

Multiplication or in simple words times

What are some other words Mutiply for math?

Multiplication Times Multiplied

What is an abstract noun for multiply?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to multiply are multiplication and the gerund, multiplying; words for a process and an instance of a process.

Words of the same meaning as procedure?


What is assiociative property of multiplication?

Associative property of multiplication states that: (ab)c = a(bc) In words, no matter which order you multiply the numbers by, you obtain the same results.

What are the words with the prefix multi?

multiplication multicultural multicolored multimillion multifaceted multipurpose

What is the words referring to the four fundamental operations?

Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

What math can you figure out which Latin words mean many?

multiply, multiplication, multiple

WWll words that begin with O?

Operation Barbarossa

What O words for world war 2?


How do you describe a product matrix without multiplying?

You can indicate the multiplication with a multiplication sign. If your matrices are "A" and "B", the product is: A x B In other words, you are indicating the product, but not actually carrying out any multiplication. Anybody who understands about matrices should know what this refers to.