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Q: Do they still make the four square crackers?
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Does anyone still make the large 4 square saltine crackers?

wish I knew, I think they disappeared like they never exited.

Does Christie still make French onion crackers?


Does nabisco still make low fat ritz crackers?

Low Fat Ritz crackers are still on the shelves of my local grocery, so I guess they do.

Does Nabisco still make ritz pizza sandwich crackers?

Yes. You can find them in Walgreens,and Weis Markets.

What shapes make up a square?

A square can be drawn with four lines.

Does Nabisco's still make cheese tid bits crackers?

Unfortunately, no, the company does not make them any longer. Their production stopped years ago.

Does Nabisco make Ritz crackers?

they may, but the ones you mean are made by "Christie" Nabisco discontinued these in the US. As stated, they are produced by Christie Bakeries in Canada. This company is the Canadian arm of Kraft Foods/Nabisco. It is the same identical recipe as the old ones we know in the US...... They also still make the Bacon Crackers as well.

Which 2 shapes make up a square pyramid?

Triangles (four of) and a square.One square as base and four triangles as sides.

How do you make 1 square from four squares?


What shape can you make out of four squares?

A bigger square!

How do you make three squares with eight sticks?

Make a square using four of the sticks. Make an identical square with the other four sticks. Place the second square so that it overlaps one quarter of the first square. The third square is the small square created by the overlap and is 1/4 the size of the bigger squares.

What are the five faces that make up a square pyramid?

One square and four triangles.