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Yes, because the two negatives cancel each other out.

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Q: Do two negitives make a positive?
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How do you find the sum of two numbers with the same sign?

it depends on what the sign is so: -3+-3=-6 - 2 negitives make a possitive

How do you add and subtract negative decimals?

The same way you'd add any other negative numbers. Adding a negative is the same as subtracting, and subtracting a negative is the same as adding. (-2) + (-2) = (-4) (-2) - (-2) = 0 you are wrong if you add or subtract two negitives its always a positive dont you know your math. And the second problem you have is wrong to because when you subtract two negitives you change the sign of the secong number to positive and you change the subtraction sign to a addition sign.

Do two negatives make a positive?

Yes two negatives do make a positive if you multiply.

When do two negatives make a positive?

Two negatives make a positive in multiplication and division

Which two blood types make O positive?

what two blood types can make o positive

Can a negative blood type accept blood from a positive blood type?

no absolutely not. a person with negative blood type cannot accept blood from a positive blood type, however, positives can receive from negitives.

Can there be negitives in fractions?

you add megitive

What does positive and negitive charges have to do with electricity?

everything. Positives do one and negitives do another and they kinda work together and without either of them electricity is useless and wouldnt exist.

Do two positives make a negative?

No, two positives do not make a negative. Two positives make a positive.

What do two positives make?


What is 3 divided by -3?


Can o positive blood and o positive make Rh neg?

can two o positive blood types make an RH Negitive baby

Are two minuses equal to a plus?

Two minuses make a positive

What element will form an ion with a negative two charge?

The positive ions make the positive charge. The ions are positive.

When does two negatives make a positive?

When two negative real numbers are multiplied together, the product is a positive real number.

Do two negatives make a positive when you subtract?


Do two positives make a negative in division?

No, a positive number divided by another positive number gives a positive result.

How can you make two magnets repel each other?

EX: ++ and -- (positive positive and negative negative)

Can a person that has o positive blood and a person with a positive blood make a child that has a negative blood?


0.97 as a percent?

yes you can, any number can be a percent except negitives

What problems or negatives has hockey introduced?

there are no problems or negitives to the game of hockey.

Does a positive and a positive make a negative?

No, a positive and a positive make a positive

Is it always true that two negatives make a positive?

Adding two negative numbers will always be negative. Subtracting two negative numbers may be positive or negative. Dividing or multiplying two negative numbers will always be positive.No

Can two o negative parents make a positive child?


When you subtract a negative by a positive what does it make?

If you mean when you subtract a negative from a positive what does it make? If so, you will get a positive answer. This is because the two negative symbols are basically multiplied, and if you multiply two negatives you get a positive, so a positive number minus a negative number becomes a positive number plus a positive number. 6 - (-5) = 11 2 - (-10) = 12 125 - (-15) = 140