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No. Velocity is the combination of a speed and its direction. In order for

two objects to have the same velocity, they must be moving at the same

speed, and in the same direction.

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Q: Do two skaters traveling in different directions at the same speed have the same velocity?
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Speed skaters don't spin. Their training and equipment is designed to maximize foreward velocity.

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An ice skater glides around a rink at a constant speed of 2 ms is the skater acceleratng explain your answer?

Acceleration is change in velocity. These are vectors that have magnitude and direction. Changing either magnitude (speed) or direction will have the skater be accelerating. SO, if the skater is going at a constant speed of 2m/s in a straight line, he is not accelerating. If he is at a constant speed of 2m/s traveling in a circle (you gave the word "around"), he is accelerating. Going around in circles means there is a force constantly changing your direction. Obviously that force is coming from the skaters legs.

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