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An undefined slope is just a line straight down. The slope is undefined.

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Q: Do undefined slopes have a slope?
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What is the four different types of slopes?

positive slope negative slope undefined slope zero slope

A line parallel to another line with an undefined slope must also have an undefined slope?

Sounds reasonable. If the lines are parallel, then their slopes are equal.

How many slopes do vertical lines have?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined. The slope of a horizontal line is 0. Hope this helps.

What is the slope of a line parallel to a vertical line?

A vertical line has an undefined slope. For the line to be parallel to a vertical line, the slopes would have to be the same. Therefore, the line parallel to a vertical line also has an undefined slope.

As slopes of x and y axes are 0 and undefined respectively why the product of slopes of x and y axes is -1?


What is the definition of undefined slope?

the difinition of undefined slope

Does every line have a slope intercept equation?

No. Vertical lines and horizontal lines have undefined and 0 slopes. Undefined could be any number, so the answer is No. Good luck with your Apex :)

Is an undefined slope a vertical or horizontal line?

An undefined slope is vertical.

What is the direction of the line with an undefined slope?

A vertical line has an undefined slope.

Which formula is correct for the slopes of perpendicular lines?

if slope is given as m then perpendicular slope is -1/m (negative inverse)

How can you tell which equation has the steepest slope?

if you know the slope of two epuations, (if the equations are in slope intercept form (y=mx+b, y is the dependent variable, x is the independent variable, m is the slope, and b is the y-intercept) the line represented by the line with the larger slope (|m|) has the steeper slope. If the lines have the same m, the slopes are either equal or negative. If the slope of either line is undefined, it is steeper than any slope other than one that is undefined, in wich the slopes are equal

How do you write an undefined slope in slope intercept form?

You don't, because it is undefined.

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