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Q: Do vertical lines always have an undefined slope?
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What lines always have an undefined slope.?

Vertical lines always have an undefined slope. Slope for y = f(x) is given by :slope = dy/dxdx is zero at any point along a vertical line, making the slope undefined along a vertical line.

Do horizontal lines have an undefined slope?

No. The slope of a horizontal line is zero. The slope of a vertical line is undefined.

What type of slope does vertical lines have?

a slope of zero. horizontal is undefined

Does everyline have a slope and y intercept?

No, vertical lines have an undefined slope.

Do vertical lines always have an slope?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined. It either slants straight up or straight down-- you can not say which. The formula for slope does not work in this case because the denominator is zero.

When is the product of the slope of two perpendicular lines not equal to -1?

When the lines are horizontal and vertical. (slope of zero) (undefined slope)

Is an undefined slope a vertical or horizontal line?

An undefined slope is vertical.

How many slopes do vertical lines have?

The slope of a vertical line is undefined. The slope of a horizontal line is 0. Hope this helps.

How do you write an equation if the slope is undefined?

Undefined slopes belong to lines that are vertical. These lines do not cross the y-axis, but do cross the x-axis. Therefore, the equation for these lines are always: x = # (where # is the value at which the line is crossing the x-axis).

What is the direction of the line with an undefined slope?

A vertical line has an undefined slope.

What word describes the slope of the line passing through points (5 12) and (5 -13)?

It would be a undefined slope.There are four types of slope:Postive slope (when lines go uphill from left to right)Negative slope (when lines go downhill from left to right)Zero slope (when lines are horizontal)Undefined slope (when lines are vertical)

Can the graph of a linear functions have undefined slope?

Yes. For example, the lines x=7, x=-1, and x=145 all have an undefined slope; they are all vertical.