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you add

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Q: Do you add or subtract when you multiply?
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How do you add and subtract logs?

to add, you multiply... to subtract, you divide... weird, huh? haha!

If Add is to multiply as subtract is to?


How ADD is to MULTIPLY as SUBTRACT is to?


What is the difference between bidmas and bodmas?


What can you do with integers?

you can add subtract multiply and divide them.

Is each multiply divide add or subtract?


Do you divide multiply subtract or add in the question 18-4242?


What does Leibniz's Calculator do?

it can multiply,divide,add and subtract.

Do you subtract or add volume and mass for density?

no you multiply

What is a math verb?

multiply divide answer subtract add

Add subtract multiply and divide all represent what?


What are the 4 operations of math?

Add, subtract, multiply, divide.

What are the four operations on integers?

add, subtract, multiply, divide

Does deposit mean to add or subtract?

deposit = add withdraw = subtract

How do you multiply consecutive numbers?

you divide and divide again then multiply then add then subtract then finally get the root

Write a program to divide add multiply and subtract two numbers?

A C program to divide, add, multiply and subtract two numbers; #include int main() { int first, second, add, subtract, multiply; float divide; printf("Enter two integersn"); scanf("%d%d", &first, &second); add = first + second; subtract = first - second; multiply = first * second; divide = first / (float)second; //typecasting printf("Sum = %dn",add); printf("Difference = %dn",subtract); printf("Multiplication = %dn",multiply); printf("Division = %.2fn",divide); return 0; }

What are the four fundamental in operation in math?

Multiply Divide Add Subtract

What are synonyms of divide add subtract multiply?

... its of= X Each= divide

What does the stepped reckoner do?

It can add, subtract, multiply, divide and do square roots.

How can total valence electrons for an element be determined?

multiply add and subtract

What was the first machine to ADD subtract multiply and divide was called?


How do you get from 0.8 to 1.4?

add 0.6 or multiply with 2 and subtract 0.2

What is a machine used to multiply?

a calculator they can also add, subtract, and divide.

Why does the denominator has to be the same?

it makes it eaiser to add subtract or divide or multiply

What two operations that have the opposite effect?

add, subtract multiply, divide

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