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Q: Do you believe that the influences of Spain were positive or negative?
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What are the positive and negative effects of Spain and Portugal?

The positive effects on Spain is that the more tourists come Spain gain alot of money The negative effects on Spain is that eventually Spain will be overcrowded and the government will have to build more hotels

What are the negative and positive effects of tourism in Spain?

it is basically

Did Spain have a more positive or negative effect on the world?

That depends on your subjective viewpoint (probably based on where you live and what you have been taught), there is no definitive answer.

What were the positive and negative consequences of Spain's involvement in the silver trade?

Spain's involvement in the silver trade caused the Spanish government to become very rich. However, the value of silver eventually declined so much that Spain went bankrupt.

What were the medieval Arabic influences in Spain?

Architecture, Art, Language

What are some influences of Spain in the Philippines?

Influences of Spain in the Philippines 1. Catholic religion 2. manana habit 3. siesta 4. cockfighting 5. foods - arroz de valenciana, paella

What were the positive conseqeunces of Spain's exploration of the Americas?

How did exploration of americas benefit spain?

Philip2 spain 3 positive and 3 negative?

There is insufficient information for us to even begin to understand this question. Please edit the question to include more context or relevant information.

Webkinz are in Spain?

yes I believe webkinz ARE infact in Spain.

What are the most common blood types in Spain?

The most common blood type in Spain is A positive. A positive is the most common blood type anywhere in the world.

What negative things are Spain known for?


Is the Oprah Winfrey show on TV in Spain?