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1. Convert the yards into miles so they are both the same unit

2. Divide the miles number by the other number to find out how many yards are in two miles

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Q: Do you divide or multiply to see how many yards are in 2 miles?
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Do you multiply or divide to find out how many miles are in a yard?

Divide The number of yards in a mile (1760) is a constant and is determined by the definitions of yard and mile. It is not something that you can find out by computing, If you want to know how many yards a certain number of miles is, you would multiply by 1760. If you want to know how many miles a certain number of yards is, you would divide by 1760.

3520 yards are how many miles?

Divide by 1760 Answer 2 miles

Would you divide or multiply to get how many feet are in a mile?

You would divide miles by 5,280 to get feet OR multiply miles by 0.000189393939 to get feet.

How many yards are there in 2 miles how to get that answer?

There are 3520 yards in 2 miles. To get this answer: There are 1760 yards in 1 mile, so multiply that by 2

How many miles in 10560 yards?

There are 5280 feet in a mile, divide that by 3 because there are 3 feet in a yard. That means there are 1760 yards in a mile, so divide 10560 yards by 1760 yards to find out how many miles are in 10560 yards. Doing this you should get 6 miles in 10560 yards.

3.5 mi equals how many yd?

3.5 miles is 6,160 yards. (multiply miles by 1,760 to get yards)

If there 3 miles and 800 yards how many yards would it be?

There are 5,280 feet in a mile, so you multiply that times 3, which will give you 15,840 feet. Then divide that by 3, since there are 3 feet to a yard, and the answer is 5,280 yards. Add that to the other 800 yards, and the total is 6,080 yards. Another way to calculate it would be to divide 5,280 by 3 to get the number of yards in a mile, which is 1,760 yards, then multiply that times the 3 miles, and the total is 5,280. Then add the other 800 yards to that, which still gives you the same answer of 6,080 total yards.

7218 feet equals how many miles?

'Divide 7218 by 3= 2406 yards divide by 1760 yards in a mile = 1.367miles'

How many miles is 25500 yards?

dived by three then divide by 5284

500 yards how many miles does it equal?

5,280 ft * 3 = 1760 yards. 500 yards/1760 yards = 0.29 miles.

How many square yards is Pennsylvania?

Look it up in square miles and multiply by 3,097,600

How many yards in mile?

Since there are 1,760 yards in one mile, divide yards by 1,760 to get miles.