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No, it is not necessary. But it does help to be tidy.

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Q: Do you have to line up the decimals when multiplying?
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When do you line up the decimal?

you only line the decimals up when you are subtracting or adding not when you are multiplying im not sure about division...

Is it true when multiplying decimal numbers you must line up the decimals in the two numbers being multiplied?

No, it is not true.

When multiplying decimals do you line them up?

Yes you do that is very important when doing a decimal problem.* * * * *It is important for other basic binary operations but NOTmultiplication.

What are some of the rules to follow with decimals?

1. When adding, the decimals MUST line up: 012.3 +32.1 2. When multiplying, you dont have to put the decimals side by side: 12.3 x323.55 Then you count how many numbers are after the decimals, which, in this case, is three. Hope it helped!

Why do they move the decimals when multipying?

why do they move the decimals when multiplying

When multiplying decimals do you to stack?


When multiplying decimals count the decimals digits in each?


Do you line up decimals when you multiply?


How is multiplying rational numbers like multiplying fractions and multiplying decimals?

Fractions and decimals are usually rational numbers. Besides, multiplying rational and irrational numbers is also similar.

How do you add decimals step by step?

line up the decimals together

What is the rule for add decimals?

Just make sure you line up the decimals

How line up multiply decimals?

You need to line up decimals for additional and subtraction. For multiplication, you don't need to line them up - in fact, it would serve no useful purpose.

Do you line decimals up when subtracting?


When multiplying decimals with whole numbers do you line up the whole numbers?

Hey awesome Question. The answer is no you do not have to line up the decimals when multyping only when adding and subtracting. The main thing is when you multiply make sure you put the decimal in the right place in your answer. YOu count how may places their are behind the decimals in BOTH numbers then you make sure their are that many places behind the decimal in you answer. :)

Do you line up decimals in subtraction?

Yes. Line up them up when you're adding, too.

Is multiplying decimals and whole numbers similar?


Multiplying decimals 0.04 x 0.58?


How is multiplying two decimals different from multiplying one decimal by a whole 3?

There is no difference in the procedure.

What is the first step when adding decimals?

line up the demials

Show an example of adding decimals?

39.63 +42.35 ------------ 81.98 Just line up the decimals and then add.

How are decimals used as a carpenter?

adding subtracting multiplying and dividing

Why is it important to line up decimals?

So your value isn't wrong

What do you do when you add or subtract decimals?

Adding and subtracting decimals is easy. When you put the numbers one above the other, line up the decimals vertically and treat as you would any whole number just keep the decimals in line and bring it straight down to your answer.

How to subtract decimals?

You line up the decimals and simply subtract. Below is an example. 2.989-1.989= 2.989 1.989 --------- 1.000

Do you have to line up the decimal when you are adding?

You have to line up the decimal when adding but not when multiplying. Example: This one is adding 23.56+89.45 23.56 89.45 This one is multiplying 23.54*4.506 23.54 4.506