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Unlike addition, there is no need to line up the decimal points.

Just multiply ignoring the decimal points. When you are done, move the decimal point of the result to the left equal to the number of digits after the decimal point for both multiplicands.

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Q: Do you line up decimal points when multiplyig?
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Why do we have to line up the decimal points when we subtract 1.7-85?


How to solve 11.14 plus 3.111?

line up the decimal points, and add them

Why do you line up the decimal points when adding and subtracting?

you have to line up the decimal points because you need to keep each place value in the same column so when you add or subtract you wont make any errors

Why do you line up decimal points?

It is easier to add up numbers. It may also be easier to spot errors where the decimal point is misplaced.

What is 0.88 plus 0.035 equals to?

To add decimal numbers you line up the decimal points... _0.88 +0.035 --------- _0.915

What do you need to line up decimal points before comparing and ordering numbers with decimals?

You do not, but it is easier.

How do you solve 2.5 - 1.2?

You line up the decimal points and subtract, and carry the decimal point down to the same position in your answer: 1.3

How do you order decimal least to greatest?

Line them up, one below the other, with the decimal points in the same column. Ordering them is then straightforward.

Do you have to line up the decimals when you subtract?

Line up the numbers in such a way that the decimal points are aligned. . Example: 567.89 - 23.4 567.89 - 23.4 ===== 544.49

Why is it important to line up decimal?

It is irrelevant if multiplying or dividing decimal numbers. For addition and subtraction it is not sufficient: you need to line up the decimal points as well as the digits according to their place values. If you intend to simply align the decimal points then you may as well not bother. This is to ensure that addition or subtraction is carried out for digits with the same place value.

What is the rules adding decimal?

Line up the decimal points in a vertical column. Then add the numbers while ignoring the decimal point. Finally, put a decimal point in the answer in the same column as for the summands.

How do you line up 4.35 plus 5.4?

The lining up should be done in such a way that the decimal points are underneath each other.

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