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Yes, the ones place must be 0,2,4,6,or 8 to be even.

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Q: Do you look in the ones place to know it is a even number?
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How do you know 2 is a even prime number?

look it up on a prime chart not composite

When dividing a 3 digit number. How do you know where the first digit will be in the quotient?

You look at the place value.

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Yes. The final digit is a two... always look at the last digit in a number if you want to know whether it is even or odd. if the number is even, the whole number is even and if the last digit is odd than the whole number is odd.

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How can you tell 32 and 95 are not prime numbers without finding their factors?

32 is an even number (look at the ones place). The only even prime is 2. 95 has 5 as a factor (again look at the ones place). Multiples of 5 have a 0 or 5 in the ones place.That is how you figer out if 32 and 95 in not a prime number.

Is 4506 a even number?

Just look at the last digit. If this is even, the whole number is even.

Is 62300000 an Even number?

Look at the last digit. If it is even, the whole number is even. If it is odd, the whole number is odd.

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