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Lakes are pretty big, and yards is a larger measurement than feet so yards would be an easier measurement.

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Q: Do you measure a lake in feet or yards?
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Would you measure a door in yards or feet?


How many feet in 484 square yards?

You cannot convert between feet and square yards. Feet are a measure of length and square yards are a measure of area.

How many yards are in 44.32 cubic feet?

Yards can't be converted to cubic feet. Yards measure length, while cubic feet measure volume.

18 yards is how many square feet?

square feet and yards measure different things you can't change from one to the other. Square feet measure area and yards/feet measure length/distance.

Do you measure a lake in yards or miles?


4 Yards equals how many square feet?

You can not convert these, yards measure distance, and square feet is a measure of area.

What is the most appropriate unit to measure a lake in feet inches miles or yards?

It depends. It would be smartest to use miles, but you could use feet or yards. You can actually use any unit of measurement you would like.

Which measure is greater or are they measure the same of 12 yards or 120 feet?

It is 120 feet because 120/3 = 40 yards

How many yards in 224 square feet?

Yards is a measure of lenght square feet is a measure of area. It is not possible to equate the two.

What unit of measure would you use to measure the length of a hallway Miles feet inches or pounds?

You can measure it in inches, yards or feet - it depends on the accuracy required.

How many yards are there in a piece of cloth 6 feet wide by 12 feet long?

The piece is 2 yards by 4 yards ie 8 square yards. Square yards is a measure of area and there are no yards (a measure of distance) in square yards.

Do you measure a computer cable in or feet meters or yards?