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You multiply by 63360.

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Q: Do you multiply or divide to change miles to inches?
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Do you divide or multiply to change inches to miles?

divide ( by 12 x 5280)

How do you convert inches to miles?

There are 63360 inches in a mile, so multiply the inches by that number to get miles.Divide the inches by 12, then divide the result by 5,280, and that is your answer. IF you want to turn Miles to Inches; multiply the miles by 5280 and then multiply the result by 12 and your answer will be in Inches.

Do you divide or multiply to change miles to feet?

A mile is longer than a foot so you need to multiply to go from miles to feet.

How do you convert 67000 inches into miles which ratio could you multiply by?

Assuming you are referring to a statute mile, there are 5280 feet that are each 12 inches long. So the methodology would be to multiply 5280 by 12 and take the resultant number and divide that into 67000 inches to get the number of miles. For example, 5280 X 12 = 63360 inches in a mile. Now divide 67000 by 63360 and you get approximately 1.057 miles in 67000 inches.

When you change miles to feet you divide is that true or false?

False. When you change from miles to feet you multiply because there are more feet in a meter then there are meters in a foot

What is the formula for converting inches to miles?

Divide inches by 63,360 to get miles.

How do you changes inches to miles?

there are 63360 inches in 1 mile so multiply the inches to get miles

How do your convers miles to inches?

Multiply miles by 63,360 to get the same distance in inches.

How do i convert feet to statute miles multiply or divide?

Divide by 5,280.

How do you convert 221760 inches to miles?

To convert inches to miles you divide inches by 63,360. So, 221,760 / 63,360 = 3.5 miles.

How do you find the answer to how many feet are in 3 miles?

Calculate the inches and divide by 12 Sorry, multiply 5280 x 3!

Would you divide or multiply to get how many feet are in a mile?

You would divide miles by 5,280 to get feet OR multiply miles by 0.000189393939 to get feet.

5000 miles equals inches?

31680000. There are 5,280 feet in a mile. there are 12 inches in a foot. multiply 5,280 times 12 and you'l get 63360. Multiply that by 500 miles and you'll get 31680000 inches in 500 miles.

Do you multiply to convert feet to miles?

Yes, you can. You can either divide by 5280, or multiply by .000189393.

How do you convert 46 inches to a mile?

Divide inches by 63,360 to get miles.

When you change inches to miles?

Inches divided by 63,360 = miles

How do you convert miles to inches?

The conversion factor is 63,360 so multiply miles by 63,360 to get inches.

Do you multiply or divide when you put yards to miles?

To convert yards to miles, you have to divide by 1760. For example, 4400 yards is equal to 4400/1760 = 2.5 miles.

How do convert 1.8 million in to miles?

1,800,000 inches is 28.41 miles.

Do you multiply or divide to find out how many miles are in a yard?

You divide. However, the answer will be a reciprocal of a large number.

How do you convert 45000 inches into miles which two ratios could you multiply?

There are not enough inches there to be converted into miles because there are 63,360 inches in 1 mile

How many times will a 14in Radius wheel turn in 199 miles?

There are 5280 feet in a mile. Multiply this by 199. Convert those feet to inches and divide by 14.

To convert 45000 inches into miles which two ratios would you multiply by?

There are 12 inches in a foot and 5280 feet in a mile. But to convert 45000 inches into miles, I would just divide 45000 by 63360.

2870990000 km is how many miles?

Divide by eight, multiply by five.

How do you change km into miles?

Multiply km by 0.621 to get miles.