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Q: Do you need a maths A level to do nvq3 in care?
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Need help nvq3 health and social care?

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Can anyone help with unit hsc357 on nvq3 in social care?

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Would like to get nvq3 in health and social care?

to get an NVQ level 3 in Health and Social Care is extremely hard work. i have been studying for the past 2 years at distinction level and is one of the hardest things i have ever done. to go straight into level 3 you will need 5 GCSEs graded a*- c if you do not ave the 5 GCSEs including maths and science you will need to start at a lower level based on your GCSEs which is either level 1 or 2 and you will need to do your maths and science again. Whilst on Level 1 or 2 if you didnt get a c or higher in maths or English you will HAVE to do retake an exam to pass them but this is only equivilent to Level 2 Qualification though so could reduce your chance to go to uni so the best advice is GET YOUR GCSE IN MATHS AND SCIENCE. if you start on level 1 or 2 they are both a extra year added on so you will need to be prepared for alot of extra study if you didnt get your GCSEs. anyway whilst on a level 3 course it lasts 2 years. you will study 18 different units. each unit is something totally different. examples include: Equality and diversity Communication in health and social care anatomy and physiology social care personal and professional skills this course is equivilent to 3 a levels. an a level pass is an E but to get into any university you will need at least 3 avels graded c or above. health and social care is a hard course and is placement and coursework so isn't for the faint heated!

Nvq3 h and sc what is meant by needs-led service nd service-led planning and their relevance for care planning practices?

describe what is meant by needs-led service and service-led planning and their relevance for care planning practices

What is the hourly rate of pay for a child day care nursery nurse?

I have been a nursery nurse for 12yrs. I have a diploma in early years care and an NVQ3. My hourly rate of pay is £6.02 which i think is an insult to all who do this job. I feel strongly that it should be reviewed as it is such a demanding and responsible job. We care for and educate children, preparing them for school and our pay should reflect this.

Nvq3 unit68 hsc358 and unit41 hsc375?

describe the risks involved in assessing skin breakdown and how do you ensure safe practice

Why is it important to respond to an individuals reactions when communicating?

It is important to find your own answers from information you find, do not just type your NVQ3 questions into ask. You need to ask yourself, why are you doing this qualification if you arent going to step up and do some hardwork

What jobs can you get with svq3 childcare learning and development?

NVQ3 in childcare jobs available are mostly nursery nurses - supervisory positions, teaching assistants. my friend landed a fantastic job working in a hospital looking after new mums on special care unit ward helping with breastfeeding etc. earning lots of money. good luck

NVQ3 Unit HSC361 Why individuals need to be informed about what is happening?

Individuals need to know what you want them to do so they can prepare themselves for any distress and take any necessary medicines in preparation for complex manoeuvres Eg a lady with severe arthritis needs to be weighed for her monthly gp weight review, suffers with severe pain in her legs will want medicine in the morning and then weighing just Before lunch for example.

Why is it important to listen to children 301 nvq3?

Explain why it is important to listen and to talk to children. Why is it important to listen to children? It is important to listen to children so they know that you are interested in what they say and that you care for them. You also get to learn about the child when they are talking to you, for example if you need to help them with their language development or help them in their learning. Why is it important to talk to children? It is important to talk to children so that you and the child interact and show the child value. When a parent and a child interact it shows many high qualities for example: · That you are interested in what they are saying to you. · And that you care for them. When a parent is talking to a child they should always show the child that they value them for example: · Encouraging them · Praising them · Always being positive Some children get negative bonds with their parents for example: · By being Ignored · Getting abusive · Not praising their child for good work · Leaving the child out of activities · Putting the child down with negative comments · Bullying them · Insulting the child

How many times can you sit NVQ3?

You don't sit an NVQ, its not an exam. NVQ is National Vocational Qualification. At level 3 this is considered a "Modern Apprenticeship" level. The award is based in the majority in the workplace where assessments of your skills are undertaken by qualified assessors with a A1 Award. A portfolio of evidence of competence is created and judged against national standards. NVQs are modular based so that you can achieve units of the award or the completed award. Different vocational awards have different amounts of "units" to completed. Therefore if you are seen as "not competent" in any unit or part unit you will be advised to gain the skills to meet the standard. Employers who have apprentices are advised what is required and will then work with you and the assessor to up-skill you in areas where you a not meeting the requirements. You then continue to work toward competence and when you feel your ready and the assessor feels you are ready they will loom at how you do the job, assist in the gathering of evidence to support you and advise you on building it in to the portfolio so that it all can be assessed.