Do you need math for art?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: Do you need math for art?
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What subjects in middle school do you need to take to be an fashion designer?

Math world geo and art

Is cubism studied in math or art?


How does math relate to String art?

string art includes geometry which is a type of math

What education is needed in order to become an artist?

You need to take math, because there can be measuring, and art. Those are the lessons

How did artists use math and science to help them create their art?

beacause they need width shapes sizes and more

What skills do you need to be a car engineer?

Math, science- physics, chemist, computer science and art would also be a plus.

What is math art?

sometimes they are tessellation

Wheter you have limbs or not can mathematics be a art while being a science?

Mathematics is neither an art nor a science. Math is math. (what do limbs have to do with it?)

How is math used by artists?

I am an artist myself, and know how. for drawing a picture, and wanting to make it bigger,-through art of course- you need to graph, witch takes math work to get it right.

How can you use math to make art?


How do you do a modulo art?

a thing that makes on math

How is string art related to math?

It isn't.