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You don't really need either. However if you need one as a requirement math literacy is the more correct option. It deals with the basic understanding of math while pure math is a series of complex mathematics courses that involve theoretical problems with no actually world uses outside of math(at the moment).

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Do you require pure math or math literacy for a lawyer?
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Do you need pure math or math literacy for phychology?

Matters where you get your degree from.

Does an accountant job fall under applied math or pure math?

It is applied math. Math is the purest form there is. psychology is applied biology, which is applied chemistry, which is applied physics, which is applied math, which is pure PURE

Is pure math normal GCSE math?


Is the math for nda kaduna exams pure math or combined with further math pls?

the maths for nda kaduna is pure maths.

Is math the pure science?

Math is a language not a science. Better stated Math is a pure language. In addition, math is used to model a science and eventually draw conclusion from it.

Which is better pure math or applied math?

It depends on what you want from it.

Is Lotto gambling or pure math?

It is gambling and pure luck! If it was pure math, you can bet there would be some very rich mathematicians walking around!

Does a bank teller fall under applied math or pure math?

A bank teller applies math in the performance of their job, they do not concern themselves with pure math; therefore a bank teller's job would fall under a classification of using applied math.

What university majors are the most math intensive?

pure mathematics

What is the difference between pure math and applied math?

Pure math is done as a kind of art, similar to music, without any concern about how the results may apply to science or daily life. The major concern is how the results improve on other math. Pure math is only concerned with improving upon itself. Pure Mathematicians are master in Mathematics. Applied math relates to other things. It is math used to help advance science, engineering, or other fields that are not related to just math. Applied mathematicians are well equiped in every related branches of science where mathematics is used thus they are "jack of all trades but master of none".

What is the difference in applied math and pure math?

Pure math is always correct w/o error. Pure math delves into the realm of theory and generality. For example, the equation 3x+5=72. This is asking you to solve a very specific equation where x has one value and is very restricted in R^1. A pure math problem would ask you to prove integration by parts for all R^n, and even then, only as an undergrad. Applied math, on the other hand cares more about the real world and modeling. You might be asked to generate a graph based off of data or solve a very specific differential equation. However, applied math can only improve with the advancement of pure math. I.E. pure mathematicians create the patterns, rules, and tools of the trade while applied mathematicians take them out of theory and into practice.

Is pure math paper one a multiple choice?

It depends on at what level and where.

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