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Well it depends on what math problem your doing.

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Q: Do you round a number to the ones or tens or hundreds place?
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How do you round 163 to the ones decimal place?

You cannot round a number with a place value larger than the place value you seek to round it to. i.e. You cannot round thousands to hundreds, hundreds to tens, tens to ones, etc.

How do you round 208930?

It all depends where you are rounding the number to. (ones, tens, hundreds etc.)

Which number has 8 in the hundred place?

In the number 123, 3 is in the ones place, 2 is in the tens place, and 1 is in the hundreds place. So, a number with 8 in the hundreds place is probably 800. Although, this could refer to any number in the 800s, because they all have 8 in the hundreds place.

How to round 767.456 to the nearest ones?

Since the number to the right of the ones place is four, round down. The answer is 767

What is the hundreds tens and ones place?

This is how we separate a 3 digit number into different sections. For Example: If we have the number 125, The "1" would be the hundreds place in the number, the "2" would be in the tens place in the number, and the "5" would be in the ones place in the number.

How do you round 345982 to the nearest thousand?

hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesAbove is the order of the place values so for the number above it would go like this:3 4 5 9 8 2hundred-thousands ten-thousands thousands hundreds tens onesTo round to the nearest thousand means that we must decide what number should be in the thousands place (where the 5 currently is) and then make all numbers to the right of it (the hundreds, tens, and ones place) a 0.To determine what number should go in the thousands place, we need to look at the hundreds place. If the hundreds place contains a number that is greater than or equal to 5, we round up (meaning we add one to that value in the thousands place) otherwise, we round down (meaning we keep the number in the thousands place the same).In this problem, the hundreds place contains the number 9. Since this is greater than or equal to 5, we round up.To round up, we add 1 to the value in the thousands place.So, 5+1 = 6 --> Now the thousands place contains a six and all places to the right become zeros, so the final answer is:346000

Is 233 a even or odd number?

It's an odd number even thought the hundreds place is even, the ones place is not

What number has 3 hundreds and 18 ones?

The number that has 3 hundreds and 18 ones is 318.

How do you Round each number to indicated place value?

7.84; ones

Is 3 in the ones place or tenths place or hundreds place or thousands place?

ones place

What number am I I am a 3 digit number. The digit in the hundreds place is 4 times the digit in the ten place. The digit in the ones place is the sum of the digits in the hundreds and ten places. If t?


How do you round 5.5252 to ones place?

To one decimal place, we look at the digit in the hundredths place, which is a 2. The number will round down to 5.5 as the answer. To one whole number, it will round up to 6 as the answer.

What is 657 to the nearest 10?

660. remember when rounding to the nearest ten your lowest non zero number will be in the tens place and you will look at the ones place to decide whether or not to round up. If the ones place is 5 or above, round up in the tens place. If the ones place is 0-4 keep the remaining tens place number.

What if a number has a 7 in the tens place a 1 in the thousands place a 4 in the tenths place a 2 in the hundreds place and a 6 in the ones place so what is the number?

wht does that mean

Round what does rround mean?

In mathematics, rounding is the act of taking a number and writing into the nearest possible number with a place digit. You can round to the ones place, the tens place, the tenths place, the hundredths place, and so on. You round by looking at the number prior to the place digit you want to round to. For example, take .0248. If you were rounding to the ones place, you would see .0, and round it to 0. If you're rounding to the hundredths, you'd see '4,' which is less than half of ten, so you would write it as .02. In rounding, you round up if it the number is five or above, and round down if it is four or below.

Round 94 to the nearest ten?

Okay, what this means is to simplify the number 94 to the nearest ten. The 9 is in the tens place, and the 4 is in the ones place. So if you want to round to the nearest ten, you look at the number in the ones place; if the number in the ones place is any number from 1 to 4 then it gets rounded to zero. But if the number in the ones place is any number from 5 to 9, it is rounded up. So, if you look at 94, the four is in the ones place thus rounding 94 down to 90.

When you round a number to the nearest thousand hundreds tens and ones digit becomes zero shouldn't that mean that the random number is always less than the original number?

No. Both 3800 and 4200 round to 4000.

How do you round 350 to the nearest hundred?

350 rounded to nearest hundred is 400. After it is rounded, everything to the right of the hundreds place is set to zero. For the number 350, 3 is the hundreds place, 5 is the tens place, and 0 is the ones place. Since you are rounding to hundreds, look at the tens place digit: if it is 0-4, then hundreds digit is unchanged, but if it is 5-9 (like your question), then it rounds up, so you zero out the tens and ones digits then add 100 to that number.

What dose place value mean?

Where a digit in a number is located such as ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands.

How does a place value chart show the value of a number?

it shows thousands hundreds tens and ones

What number is in the tens place in the number 738?

3 because right to left is ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc.

What is the digit in the ones place in 123.00?

3 is in the ones place. 2 is in the tens place. 1 is in the hundreds place.

You are a number with 1 as your ones digit and 5 at your hundreds place the digit at the ten thousand place is 4 more than the ones digit all other digits are zero tell you which number are you?


What is a three digit number?

It's a number with 3 place values that is hundreds, tens, and ones. For example, this is just like this number, 356.

What number has 2 hundreds the same number of tens as hundreds and 2 more ones than hundreds?


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