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The noun "percentage" is singular, so you would say "The percentage is (high, low)."

The word forms the normal plural "percentages", which would use are.

Example : "The percentages are higher than normal."

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Q: Do you say Percentage is or percentage are?
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Do you say percentage of teachers were or percentage of teachers was?

The percentage of teachers were

Do you say 'percentage is' or 'percentage are'?

Percentage is considered a singular noun: The percentage of unemployed citizens is usually about five percent.

What percentage of men are misogynists?

I would have to say the percentage is low as men generally love woman.

What percentage of teenagers take drugs in Britain?

Sadly the percentage is high and could be rising say 20%

What percentage of people suffer from ADHD?

It depends on which study you look at, but many say that the true percentage is around 1%, but some estimates say as high as 10%.

What percentage of jobs in the US job market are government funded?

Well, I can't tell you the right percentage of the jobs funded by the US government, but I can say that the approximate percentage is about seventy percent.

What does percentage urbanized mean?

Well, hard to say exactly without the context, but it probably means something like "percentage that have become used to the city" or "percentage that have come to prefer the city"

What percentage of pregnancies are due to condoms ripping?

Its difficult to say. Probably around the same percentage of pregnancies as there is from the withdrawal method.

1.324 as a percentage?

If the question does not state from which number the 1,324 should be calculated as percentage of, I'd say that 1,324 equals 132,4%

According to chargaffs rules the percentage of?

The percentage of the nucleotide adenine = the percentage of thymine. The percentage of guanine = the percentage of cytosine.

How do you find a percentage in a percentage?

700 of 320 percentage

What is a ratio number to 100?

A percentage.A percentage.A percentage.A percentage.

What percentage of the world has access to the internet?

There is a very large percentage of the world that has access to the internet. Statistics say up to 85 percent.

Percentage of alcohol in whisky?

Whiskey is usually 80 proof, which is to say that it is 40% alcohol. (U.S. standards, proof is twice the percentage).

What percentage of Americans say they like volleyball?


What percentage of Americans say they are Christians?

Approximately 85%

How do you say 3 million as a percentage?

Multiply by 100 to determine the equivalent percentage of a number: 3,000,000 x 100 = 300,000,000%

What is 27hours as a percentage?

as a percentage of what

What is 0.2 in percentage?

0.2 in percentage is 20%.

What is 76g as a percentage?

as a percentage of what.

What is 41516724 in percentage?

41516724 in percentage = 4151672400%

What is 14.69 as a percentage?

14.69 as a percentage is 1469%.

How is OPS calculated?

OPS stands for 'on base percentage plus slugging percentage' and is equal to (on base percentage + slugging percentage). If a player's on base percentage is .350 and slugging percentage is .500, the OPS is .850.

How do you know downloding percentage'?

I do not know the downloding percentage or even the downloading percentage.

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how to calculate percentage recovery? how to calculate percentage recovery?