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Always use an if the next word starts with a vowel sound, so the answer is an item, because item starts with the sound of i, a vowel.

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Q: Do you say an item or a item she will release her grasp on a item or an item which is correct grammar?
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Went to supermarket and found this one is a correct grammar?

That is not correct grammar. A better sentence would be "I went to the supermarket and found this item." In the proper sentence, there is an object and better structure.

Theres a defect on the item i purchased is a correct grammar?

The sentence is missing punctuation and capitalization. It should be "There's a defect on the item I purchased."

What is the difference between palmar grasp and pincer grasp?

palmar grasp is where an infant holds an item such as a crayon with the palm of their hand, where as the pincer grasp is where they hold it between their thumb and index finger (more sophisticated)

Is it correct to ask are they an item?

Yes, it is correct.

For what does the panda use its claws?

Their claws are used to grasp bamboo which is the principal item in their diet.

What is a burger-dot in grammar?

A symbol to start a new item in a list.

What are the two requirements for an item to have value?

For a linguistic item; as a sentence or any utterance for instance, is to be both grmatically and semanticallycorrect. That is to say, any linguistic item must respect the grammar of that language (e.g. word order, correct tense...) and also it must be meaningful; it must convey a clear meaning, so as this item has its value. these two requirements overlap each other so noone could be ignored. grammar and semantics go hand in hand.

Can you tell me what an English grammar license is?

An English grammar license does not exist. It is a completely fabricated and fictional item that holds no worth, as it is not real. There is no such thing.

What is the basic harness item to move a horse?

the correct item would be a halter. :-)

What does dismantly mean?

It doesnt mean anything in English. It looks like the verb "To dismantle" with ly added on the end which is not correct grammar. The verb Dismantle means to dissasemble or to take to pieces an item or object.

What is meant by ablative case in grammar?

The ablative case in grammar is the case used for an item which is moving away from something. Alternatively it might be stationery and something is moving away from it.

Is it correct grammar to ask price -how much are they?

No, that is not correct. First of all 'much' is wrong with 'they'. It could have been "How many are they?. But if you have to ask the price of something you could ask- "How much is it for?" or "How much do they cost?" for more than a single item. In an informal way you might ask "How much for them?" or just "How much?"

Which forceps do you use to grasp foreign bodies?

The forceps I choose to grasp a foreign body depends on the location of the foreign body and the size and texture of the item. I might use Kelly forceps or mosquito forceps most typically.

How do you beat fashion spy dress for danger?

you have to match the correct item of clothing with the correct color

Which correctly expresses 709000 in scientific notation?

There is no correct item on that list.

How do you spell enchilada?

That is the correct spelling of the Mexican food item, enchilada.

How do you spell deodorant?

That is the correct spelling of the word "deodorant" (a toiletry item).

Who appoints personnel authorized to verify correct nwrm item is packed?


How do you spell articale?

The correct spelling is article (published story, or an item of clothing; or a/an/the).

What is the measurement of portions to ensure that the correct amount of an item is served?

Portion Control

Which of the following is the correct definition for the word resistance?

Weight of the item being lifted.

Which fact regarding radiation symptons is correct?

If you want me to pick the correct item from a list of choices for you, you'll have to let me see the list.

How do you spell loincloth?

That is the correct spelling of "loincloth" (simple clothing item for the genital region).

How do you spell kilts?

That is the correct spelling of the clothing item kilts, notably worn in Scotland.

How do you spell passyfire?

The correct spelling is pacifier (a baby item, or means of calming unrest).