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Q: Do you think i am to big to play running back for JV as a sophomore im 5'11 135 max out benching at 40 time is 4.8-4.9..i played runningback and receiver as a freshman..i have very good hands?
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You are 6'0 175 and run a 4.35 40 What position should you play Quarterback Runningback or Wide receiver?

I think you could play all of them. But considering your size and speed, try playing Runningback.

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What football position should you play at 180 pounds?

depends on the competition. If you're talking high school I would probably recommend either defensive back or wide receiver if you're tall, or runningback or linebacker if youre shorter. Your coach shouldn't have a problem putting you where you can play your best.

You are entering your sophomore year of high school football you are 5 feet 11 inches 165 pounds fast athletic hard hitter what position would you be good at in football?

safety, cornerback, halfback, receiver. all depends on how fast u truly are

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