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Since the formula for area is A = L X W (area equals the length times the width), yes, you must multiply the length and the width to get the area (in units squared).

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Q: Do you times the numbers to get the area?
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How do you calculate the area and perimeter of shapes?

To calculate the area you multiply the width times lenghth.the numbers that are on the side of the shape multiply them and you'll get the area. Now to get the perimeter you add the numbers on the sides together. Add lenght times width.that's how you get your perimter and area.

What two numbers equal to 16 for an area?

Well, 4x4=16 and the area is the length times width. It could also be 8x2. Any two numbers that equal 16. From: SingerGirl611

How do you find out the area and perimeter of a closed figure?

for area you times the two numbers and for perimeter you add the numbers

What does it mean when someone says how many times greater is the area?

it means that you need to add the numbers that you7 were given.

Why is square numbers called square numbers?

They are called square numbers because they can form a square and the square is one number times itself. They are called square numbers because they represent the area of a square with integer sidelengths. Example: 49. 49 is the area of a 7x7 square, so 49 is a square number.

Area of 39 and 16?

To find the area of a rectangle with sides that are 39 and 16, you would multiply the two numbers (length times width) to get your answer. 39 x 16 = 624

How are factors related to area?

Some people relate factor pairs to the sides of a rectangle. Length times width equals area; factor times factor equals product.

How can you calculate the volume of air?

To calculate the volume of air you have to find know how big the area of air for example the area is 45 and the height is 20. all you have to do is times both numbers, 45 times 20 equals 900. So that is the volume.

How do you find the area of 3 numbers?

You don't. You can find the area of geometric figures, not of numbers.

How 2 find area of a square?

To find the area of a square you must times/multiply the numbers for 2 sides. Example: If you have a square that is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide, the area would be 16 inches.

How do you find the volume of a hexagonal pyramid?

use the formula: Volume=1/3 x(times) the area of the base x(times) height (V=1/3Bh) plug in the numbers

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847 is a prefix for what area code in United States for phones numbers